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Spanish mail order brides, with their glowing skin and eyes that promise all the delights, are the ultimate Southern dream. How does one contact foreign mail order brides from Spain? The solution is simple: you only have to check out the guide provided by our dating expert and me, Barrett Connell.

💘 Success rate88%
🇺🇦 % of men who choose Spanish girls65%
👧 Average women’s age26
👍 Dating sites they recommend SofiaDate
✅ Is it legit?Yes
❓Why Spanish bride?Emotional, outgoing, broad-minded, and expressive

The best Hispanic wives are waiting, and you can reach them by picking the best sites on our list or completing a customized quiz to find the top site just for you.

Spanish mail order brides are a dream come true, with their sun-kissed appearance and a passionate attitude that translates to all areas of life.

The Best Online Dating Sites With Hot Spanish Girls You Should Try At Least Once

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Why are Westerners crazy about Spanish mail order brides?

Spanish mail order bride

When you see the sexy curves, smooth skin, luscious thick long hair, and perfect features of Spanish mail order women, there is no room left for questioning their place in the category of the most desired ladies in the world. Let’s explore what makes them so beloved by Western guys:

  1. Sexy appearance. Wide hips, small waist, and seductive eyes are what make stunning Spanish mail order wives irresistible. It may seem that they can get any guy just with their gracious walk or flirtatious laugh.
  2. Friendly and easy-going character. It’s very easy to approach Spanish oversea brides, as they are very flirtatious. Their bubbly character makes it easy to enjoy the conversation. However, it’s difficult to become real friends or to date, as women take relationships seriously and are not into casual dating.
  3. Fiery personality. Spanish people are used to expressing themselves at high volume. Let’s call it “conversational shouting”. Nobody’s necessarily angry, but vice versa, passionate and fiery. If such a girl is in love you’ll see it right away as all emotions seem to be amplified. Also, Spanish women tend to have a lot of strength and assertiveness about them. 
  4. Close family bond. Spaniards as European mail order brides often have big friend groups and close-knit families that they value a lot. A gorgeous Spanish mail order bride will always care about her close ones and be ready to do everything to ensure a good quality of life for them.
  5. Fierce loyalty. Women from Spain value not only their relatives but also the institution of marriage. Their own family union is almost sacred, as a lot of girls usually come from religious families. Even though religion doesn’t have such a restrictive influence anymore, but beautiful foreign brides from Spain still choose to be fiercely loyal to the man they love.

And this list can go on and on, as attractive Spanish ladies are an epitome of femininity and perfect ‘wifey’ qualities, which make them so ideal for a relationship with a loving Western man.

Character of Spanish wives: What is special about these women?

Marrying a woman from Spain is not difficult if you know who these girls are. Spanish brides have a lot in common with Latin women for marriage. Girls from this country are very emotional, expressive, passionate, fun, active, and family-oriented. Brides from Spain won’t make you feel bored. Every day of your life with a Spanish wife will be fun, enjoyable, and unique.

Honesty is the core concept for women from this country. You can be sure that your bride is going to be loyal and honest with you, but she will demand the same from you. A bride from Spain is very passionate. Whether she is a housewife, a career-driven person, or something in between, you can be sure that she will do it with passion and dedication.

Spanish mail order wife

It is also important to note that Spanish brides can be rather demanding. They will need a lot of your attention. They seek men who are romantic and spontaneous, so they constantly want to be surprised. Emotions play an essential role in their lives, so you need to make sure that they get enough emotions.

What does a Spain woman for sell look like?

Spanish mail order brides are beautiful and elegant. Most girls have slightly tanned skin, black or brown hair, green or brown eyes, round faces, and beautiful smiles. Spanish women are not very tall, although you can find plenty of girls who are not short. Still, the majority of Spanish girls for marriage are curvy and below average height.

Like most Latin women for marriage, Spanish brides are not afraid to show their beauty. Such liberty is very refreshing when looking at European mail order brides. Most girls from Europe are not as free to express themselves, and Spanish brides are great because they are eager to show how beautiful and hot they are. And you can be sure that you will find hundreds of attractive and sexy women who are eager to communicate and marry a foreign guy.

Pros and cons of Spanish oversea brides

So what are the main pros and cons of Spanish women? Let’s take a look at them.


Smoking-hot figures
Very feminine
Fun and easy-going character
Loving and nurturing
Will cook the most delicious Spanish traditional meals
Speak good English
Similar mentality


Can be quite loud
Don’t give second chances

Spanish oversea brides

Where to get a Spanish mail order bride?

The easiest way to find a Spanish mail order bride is, of course, through online dating. With modern internet technologies, you can find a partner from Spain a few minutes after you register. Many dating platforms offer free sign up, and you can browse big databases of hot Spanish international mail order brides right away. Also, you can enjoy various communication ways from messaging to video and phone calls that help you to switch things up and have fun while dating online. But note that the effectiveness of your long-distance relationship is strongly influenced by the platform you decide to join. So never become a member of any dodgy platform and read professional reviews of reliable sources before committing.

Another option you have, if you want to buy a Spanish bride, is to travel to the country itself. Spain is a beautiful place that is totally worth visiting. The country is not very expensive and you can have a great vacation while looking for a future bride. But when you are looking for a partner IRL, you are strongly relying on luck and there is no guarantee that you will find someone special who will be interested in a relationship. It’s harder to find a suitable partner just on the streets of Madrid, in comparison to using a specialized dating site for that matter. Also, it’s important to mention that even if you choose to date through a dating service, you’ll still be expected to travel to the country to meet your girlfriend IRL.

Are Spanish mail order women into Western men?

Spanish women for marriage

Not only are guys wondering how to buy a Spanish mail order bride, but sexy ladies from Spain are also actively seeking partners from Western countries. Spanish women have a special place in the heart of Western men. Many ladies are open to international relationships and happily register to dating sites and apps to find a boyfriend or husband from abroad. Here are the qualities that Spanish beauties appreciate about Western men:

  • Westerners are taking good care of looks and personal style
  • They have respect for women and treat them as an equal
  • Guys from the West usually strive to provide for their families
  • They have a more romantic approach to dating
  • Westerners are as a rule very accepting and tolerant

And these are only a few things that attract Spanish ladies. But note that not all ladies from Spain are into dating foreigners. Some are more reserved and don’t want to face difficulties with international dating, and prefer to date locally. This is why when you register to a specialized dating site it’s more effective as you only meet women who are already interested in communication with foreigners and are potentially willing to move abroad.

What kind of wife will a Spanish girlfriend for sale become?

Spanish bride

You can expect to find a Spanish wife who will be your soulmate. Girls from this country are passionate and honest, and these qualities are essential for building a happy and serious family. A Spanish wife is a woman who is hard-working and dedicated. She is motivated by her passion and emotions, so you need to provide new and fresh feelings for your woman. It is not tricky for Spanish brides to stay at home and be housewives. These girls love to have children and become great mothers who are kind but strict.

You can be sure that your wife will support you whenever you need it. However, to be happy with a woman from this country, you need to be a kind, respectful, and responsible man. Confidence plays a significant role with Spanish wives, but being overconfident is always a bad thing with a Spain woman for sell!

How a mail order girlfriend from Spain will change your life

Mail-order brides Spain can change the lives of every lucky guy who meets them. If you’re that kind of man yearning to marry a bride from Spain you should know that your daily routine will be jazzed up with a Spanish mail order bride.

Firstly, you marry an attractive female. Spanish mail order brides treat their bodies as temples. No, we’re not talking about the lack of intercourse. By temple, we mean, the desire to look and feel better from the outside and inside. Thus, you will end up with a sexy-looking girlfriend who adores sports and healthy food. 

Secondly, you’ll get a supportive and caring partner who doesn’t question your sanity by gaslighting you or treating you like a slave. Instead, you connect yourself to a woman who gives her full attention to you and doesn’t mind maintaining a cozy atmosphere in family life.

How much does a Spanish mail order wife cost?

The price you need to pay for the Spain mail-order brides consists of three factors: online, offline dating, and a K-1 visa. Plus, a possible wedding with lovely wedding traditions. 

Let’s discuss each point. 

Online dating presupposes paying for various communication tools for chatting with Spain brides on the dating platform. It may be texting, exchanging photos, emails, video or audio chat. Plus, you may send her virtual or real gifts. Overall, it may take $500 per month. 

Offline dating involves a trip to Spain where you and your bride have a sparkling time on a real-life date: 

  • The two-way ticket to Spain — is $2,000–$2,500. 
  • Accommodation per two weeks in the hotel may cost $500–$700.
  • Meals — additional $200–$300.
  • Transportation — $200–$300. 

Lastly, our precious K-1 visa. This is an obligatory document to legally marry an American partner in the United States. 

To sum up, the general price for the Spanish bride is $4,000–$5,000.

You can’t buy a Spanish female. This doesn’t work like that. You don’t scroll through a catalog with mature Spanish women for marriage, opt for the most liked one and marry her. 

In reality, by buying, we mean paying for the interaction with the woman on the dating platform. Since most reliable websites take money for chatting with females, it makes it faster and easier to find a compatible partner. 

So, remember, you don’t buy the woman, you buy the tools to talk to her online. And if everything goes well, you may get married eventually. 

Now, about legal marriage. Since online dating is one of the best ways for K-1 visa applicants, there’s no doubt that 57% of individuals met via a dating site. 

Marriages between Spanish women and foreigners are legal. You can either marry in Spain or apply for a K-1 visa and get married in the USA. It’s all up to you.

Spanish mail order wife

Secrets of successful Spanish international dating

If you are sure of your intentions to find a wife from Spain, you need to explore the culture to learn the best strategy for winning the heart of Spanish beauty. Even though modern dating is hugely Westernized, there are still a lot of peculiarities that are important and you need to be aware of them before trying to start a relationship.

  1. You might find that you’re in a relationship sooner than you think. In the US, there are many stages to a relationship before it becomes exclusive. But in Spain, it’s much quicker, as casual dating is not a thing. 
  2. Your girlfriend will always be late, just get used to it. Another distinctive thing about Spanish international brides dating are boyfriends who are waiting for their beauties. But waiting is worth it!
  3. Spanish ladies believe in superstitions, so if even they are bizarre, there is no point in trying to talk her out of it.

Also, women from Spain love romantic gestures and traditional chivalry. They want their man to prove their feelings, especially in the early stages of the relationship. So, if you want to win the heart of Spanish beauty, take your best gentleman attire and be ready to serenade. Joking, a beautiful bouquet for no reason will do.

Spanish mail order girlfriend

All about communication with Spanish brides

In order to marry a woman from another country, it is important to know a lot about her. Communication is the essential part of finding a proper and suitable mail order bride, which is why in this section, we would like to tell you all about communication with Spanish wives. You should know what to expect from online and real-life interaction with a woman from this country!

Are they ready to communicate with a foreigner?

Yes, girls from Spain are eager to have online and real relationships with foreigners. It is not difficult or scary for them to try out long-distance relationships with a man from another country. Being rather Western-oriented, the majority of women from this country find it interesting, exciting, and fun.

How open are Spanish wives for online communication?

Spanish girlfriend for sale

Although it will largely depend on the woman you find, you should expect your bride to be rather open for communication. Sure, there might be some topics that you should avoid discussing with your lady, but don’t expect to find many things that you cannot talk about with her. For instance, you should definitely avoid discussing politics or religion with a woman from Spain. Apart from that, by reading your bride’s profile information, you can find a lot of topics that you can easily discuss.

Can you visit a Spanish wife you met online?

Of course, you can visit your future Spanish wife and have a real-life date with her. It is essential to note that you should have at least a few online dates before asking your woman to have an in-person meeting with you. Even though you won’t scare your bride away by doing so, it will look rather creepy if you want to have a real-life date after a couple of hours of knowing your woman online.


Thanks to modern technologies, finding a hot mail order wife is quite easy. And as online dating is very popular in the country, you have a lot of options to choose from. Choose stunning Spanish singles if you want to meet a girl who is sexy, passionate, honest, and very feminine.


How to know that a Spanish bride online is real?

To be sure that you are communicating with a real girl from Spain, make sure to join only reliable dating sites that have ID verification of their members.

Can I legally marry a Spanish bride?

Yes. International marriage is allowed both in Western countries and Spain. So you can legally marry your Spanish beauty.

Do Spanish women like older men?

Some ladies from Spain like to date around the same age as they are, but a lot of women choose partners 7 to 10 years older.

How much is a hot bride from Spain?

No price fits all. But online dating services start at $3.99 for 20 credits, and a two-week trip to Spain is around $2,363.

Is there a language barrier with Spanish mail order brides?

You might feel it if you choose to date older women, but younger Spanish ladies as a rule have a decent level of English.

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