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A Slavic babe or an Asian bride — it is impossible to choose! Want to find out about the mail order bride cost? Try the following guide, designed by our professionals and me, Barrett Connell.

So, check out mail order bride pricing below and check out what these specialized dating sites have to offer!

Online expenses (dating site)$1,500/6 months
Credit packages starting from $9.99/20 credits
Most popular dating sites SofiaDate
Wooing expenses (flight tickets, presents, accommodation, etc.)$4,000
Documents and relocation expenses$5,000

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What is Included in the Mail Order Brides Cost?

The average mail order wife cost will be different for each man because there’s a slew of factors affecting it. For example, the more time you spend searching for the right woman, the more communication tools you’ll use. Also, the communication options you select also define the final price because some of them are more expensive than others. 

Besides, some men prefer buying cheaper presents for their lovers yet do it frequently, while others opt for expensive gifts once in a while. All these details are included in the mail order bride price, yet the sum you’ll pay after meeting your soulmate will still be several times lower compared to offline dating. 

Also, we should point out that there are several categories that form the mail bride cost. These include the communication expenses on a dating site, the money you spend on the trip to her country, the wedding costs, and the price of getting documents done. The documents are a K-1 visa and other possible expenses, such as visa fees or a medical examination. 

The table below sums up how the mail order bride prices are being formed:

Factors affecting the price– Cost of using the dating site- Communication features- Flight tickets- Accommodation, food, entertainment- Gifts and flowers- Documents (including K-1 visa)
What makes online dating more cost-effective?– Reasonable prices- Effective search system- High chances of finding your match 
how much does mail order bride cost

Online Expenses of Mail Order Bride Prices

How much does it cost to get a mail order bride? That’s the question we should address step by step, so let’s tackle online expenses: 

  • Communication tools. There are different mail order bride sites, namely those that have credit-based payment systems and the ones with premium accounts. Yet, some of the most popular platforms use credits, which is convenient because you clearly understand how much it costs to use a certain tool and what sum you’ll have to spend to purchase a specific credit package. Each communication feature has its price in credits, so you have to keep that in mind to understand how much you’re ready to spend. Usually, this factor adds about $500 to the overall mailorder bride cost.
  • Sending gifts and bouquets. The best way to prove your words with actions is to send your soulmate something that she likes and will surely light up her mood. It doesn’t have to be something expensive because your attention is the most valuable thing for your lover. Usually, men send perfumes, teddy bears, flowers, or jewelry if they aren’t sure about their girls’ preferences. The presents usually increase the average mailorder brides cost by about $200, but this number can be higher or lower based on what you decide to send your lover. 
  • Requesting personal contacts. This option is available only for the guys who have been communicating with girls for a certain period and are ready to take their relationships to another level. Also, it’s done because of safety reasons. Requesting personal contacts adds approximately $100 to mail order brides prices.

Offline Expenses of Mail Order Bride Prices

Now, how much does a mail order bride cost? Let’s unfold it step by step:

  1. Flight expenses. The destination you need to get to will significantly affect the tickets price. You can expect to pay about $2,000 for the tickets, but it’s the average sum that is influenced by a bunch of factors.  
  2. Accommodation. The same as tickets, accommodations’ prices differ depending on the city you’re staying in and your preferences. On average, a hotel room costs about $100 per night, and men usually stay in the country for about 2 weeks. 
  3. Food and entertainment. This factor of the order mail bride cost has to be calculated for two people because you’ll spend most of the time with your lady, which means you’ll go to restaurants and other places together. It’s up to you what destination you choose, so the price can vary from $50 to $500. 
  4. Visa. Your bride will need to get a K-1 visa, and the average fees you’ll have to cover are about $1,000
  5. Wedding. This is the most expensive point of the cost of mail order brides because you can spend from $3,000 to $30,000 on it.

Thus, how much does a wife cost? The price differs drastically depending on what you spend your money on, and the wedding has the highest impact on the final sum. On average, it varies from $3,000 to $50,000.  

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Average Cost of Mail Order Bride — Is It Expensive?

If you’re wondering about the online mail order wife price, the final sum might be rather shocking, but it won’t seem as high if you compare the expenses to offline dating. For example, when dating online, you understand that the woman you’re communicating with has the same intentions and is ready for a serious relationship. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been using that site. That’s why you can be more confident that the money you invest in online dating now will justify itself in the long run when you understand that you married the woman you’ve been dreaming about for so long. 

Besides, mail order brides’ costs are usually focused on foreign girls because Western men typically build relationships with ladies from abroad. This is a popular tendency nowadays because it’s easy to find a common language with them, and borders mean nothing if there’s true love. 

Also, when your relationship is advanced enough that it’s time to meet offline, you won’t have to spend a fortune on that because the prices in other countries are usually lower than in the US. That’s why finding a mail order bride online is a cost-effective solution that will help you save money and bring love into your life. 

The average price per month on a dating site is $100The average price of one date is $85
You can use search filters to find a girl who fits your preferencesYou need to go out quite often to stumble upon a woman you’ll like
Spending 2 weeks abroad with your bride will cost less than in the USThe prices for food and entertainment in your country are higher than abroad
You can be sure the money you spend will be worth it in the long runYou can’t be sure you’ll build a relationship with a woman you’re going out with 
mail order bride cost online in 2024

Mail Order Brides Pricing — What Plays Important Roles?

The average mail order wife cost is formed based on a bunch of factors, and your preferences are among them.

“Still, online dating is more cost-effective because, for example, you won’t have to take your lover out on every date or bring her flowers or gifts every time. You won’t feel disappointed after spending significant amounts of money on a girl who eventually won’t be “the one.” Also, you’ll save time on picking the presents for your lover by simply choosing the items available on the site.

Yet, there are certain factors affecting mail order bride price online, and you should consider them:

  • Online communication. Online dating sites have various paid options that improve the experience of using them. For example, you can use search tools, chat rooms, emailing systems, phone and video calls, and gift delivery. All these details affect mail order brides pricing and increase your chances of finding the partner who matches your preferences. 
  • Visiting your bride in her homeland. Once it’s time for your relationship to transfer to another level, you might want to visit your bride in her country. Usually, the trip takes about 2 weeks, during which you’ll need to pay for the accommodation, food, and entertainment. Also, this includes flight tickets. 
  • Paying for the documents. When you’re ready to make your relationship official, your bride will move in with you, and to do that, she’ll have to obtain a K-1 visa. It costs about 1,000 but can come with additional expenses.  
mail order bride pricing

Mail Order Brides Countries — Which Locations Won’t Hit Your Pocket?

One of the best things about online dating is looking for wonderful and beautiful girls from any country you wish. But just as different countries have different mail order women, the cost of your mail order wife will change. Take a look at this list of the most and least expensive countries to look for a bride in!

  • China. Finding a date from China will require you to invest in traveling there because plane tickets to Beijing cost around $2,200–$10,000. You can expect to spend around $5,000 on entertainment and other expenses in China per se. Yet, the dating expenses won’t be too high once you come to China because the country has a lot of budget-friendly places you can visit. Also, local girls are among the most intelligent, caring, and fun-loving ladies you’ll ever meet. 
  • Japan. Flying to Japan is not that expensive, and you won’t have to spend a fortune while spending time in the country, although the prices might be higher than you expect. On average, you can spend around $6,000. A Japanese bride will make you confident that the money you’ve spent when looking for her wasn’t in vain. She’ll impress you with her femininity, supportiveness, and ability to find the right words in any situation. 
  • Brazil. Brazil is an affordable Latin country where you can have the best time of your life for around $2,000. Cheap, effective, and beautiful, Brazil can offer you everything you need! A passionate, outgoing, and laid-back Brazilian girl will surely melt your heart, proving that you’ve made the right choice when picking her among other ladies.
  • Russia. Being one of the most popular countries with mail order brides, Russia is also rather affordable. $2,500 would be enough to have a decent time with a Russian bride. This girl will make you feel like the most desired man thanks to her ability to encourage others and make them feel valued. 
  • Ukraine. Ukraine is also rather affordable. $2,500–$3,000 would be enough for a fortnight with a bride. This brave, quick-witted, sophisticated, and inspiring woman will make you feel like you won the lottery because it’s hard to believe that one girl can obtain so many qualities!
  • Thailand. A rather affordable destination if you are looking for an Asian mail order bride. The whole online communication and trip to Thailand could cost you around $3,000. However, you might need to spend more money if you want to have an unforgettable experience in Bangkok. A Thai girl will surround you with love and care, not getting tired of reminding you that you’re the best man she’s ever met.
  • Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the cheapest Asian countries. You can have a wonderful time with brides for around $1,500–$3,000. Getting a Vietnamese lady will make you understand why so many guys fall for these women. She’ll impress you with her homemaking skills and an optimistic attitude.

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How to Reduce the Mail Order Bride Price?

If you want to save some money, you need to understand that there are a few things that you can do. First, if your budget is limited, you need to look for a bride from a less expensive country. For instance, Japan, Peru, and China are rather expensive, so it shouldn’t be your first option.

Another way to reduce the mail order bride expenses is to have as many online dates as possible. Online communication is very cheap! You can spend just over $80 per month and have the best time of your life. So, our advice would be to get to know your potential wife online as much as you can. And only then, when you are ready to get married or take your relationships to the next level, set up a real-life date.

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Now you know everything about how to find a mail order bride and how much it would cost to order a bride online. As you may see, online dating is very affordable compared to real-life communication. But without in-person dates, you couldn’t find true love and happiness!


If you want to know even more about the cost of mail order brides, here you can check out answers to the most common questions.

Are foreign mail order brides legal?

Yes, girls from online dating sites are legal and real. They are not forced to do anything they don’t want to.

Why should you pay to buy a bride online?

Mail order bride sites are complicated and require a lot of work. Moreover, women usually don’t pay for services, which is why it is men who should pay for communication.

Are there free international dating sites?

Yes, there are platforms where you don’t need to spend money. But while these sites are free, they can be fraudulent or filled with ads.

Where to get a mail order bride?

Online dating sites are the best option to seek a foreign woman for serious relationships. Once you get to know your bride, you can set up a real-life date with her.

How to find a reputable mail order bride?

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