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There are some great offers online when it comes to dating Asian women, but there is always space for new and noteworthy services with mail order brides. Wondering “Is it illegal to date mail order brides?” Follow the link above to find out!

Total Score of TheLuckyDate
Our Rating
88% Overall score
Total sum (max 60):53
Ease of use
9 of 10
Customer service
9 of 10
Quality and profiles
10 of 10
Safety and antiscam
10 of 10
Success rate
8 of 10
Ease of meeting
7 of 10
  • Big and responsive female audience
  • Detailed profiles with high-quality photos
  • Fast and convenient search
  • Clear understanding of how much you spend
  • Fun matching system
  • Very limited communication features
  • No mobile app, only a mobile version

The Lucky Date dating site is one of those newcomers: having been in the online dating industry for a couple of years, it has already won the affection of thousands of users and there are plenty of The Lucky Date reviews to introduce you to the site. 

As a professional dating service review site, we couldn’t stand aside, and here is our addition to the pool of The Lucky Date dating site reviews. Get to know as much as possible about this site before you actually decide to join it.

What is The Lucky Date site?

The Lucky Date dating website offers great opportunities for men interested in dating Asian women to find exactly who they want. With its quick registration, plenty of real profiles, text-based communication, and a credit-based system, you basically have all the tools needed to find a suitable date! Affordable prices and efficient search filters make it easy for you to find your ideal match even if you have never used an online dating website.

One can say that the mobile-like design and interface of the website are its main strengths, providing a user-friendly experience. The site is simply pleasant to look at! You don’t even notice that the site doesn’t have a mobile application, as the site runs perfectly on phones. However, the range of interactive features here is very limited, as you can only communicate via instant messages, which is not ideal when it comes to online dating.

All in all, TheLuckyDate is a decent dating platform suitable for men who want to have simple and enjoyable dating experience without any complications and problems. You log in, find a girl, send a message, and enjoy your time, that is all.

How to sign up for The Lucky Date: A step-by-step guide

The Lucky Date registration

If you have some online dating experience, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that only registered users can view other people’s profiles or communicate with others on TheLuckyDate.com. This is why you’ll need to create an account—your personal page—if you want to meet the female members of the site. Luckily, it only takes a couple of minutes to create an account, and you will soon realize that it’s worth every second.

The first registration form consists of two screens, where you will be asked to enter your first name, choose your gender, specify your date of birth, and enter your email and password. You will then be immediately taken to the second step, where you will get a chance to share more about yourself, as well as the kind of person you want to meet.

This step will contain questions about your height and body type, occupation, marital status, personality traits, and dating goal. It will also include questions about the preferred age range, physical parameters, and other traits of your perfect match. The site allows you to skip some or all of these questions, but if you’re aiming for serious relationships, it’s best to be as detailed as you can.

sign up for The Lucky Date
The final step of the process is uploading a profile photo, which is also optional, and reviewing your first potential matches—you can like their profiles or skip this screen and move on straight to exploring the site.

Key features of TheLuckyDate to know about

One of the interesting things about The Lucky Date dating site is that it is not bloated with countless features you will hardly use. Instead, it provides you with a limited range of communication features that you are more likely to use if you want to meet its female members. The available contact tools include:

  • Matching with someone
  • Instant chat
  • Sending photos and videos
  • Chat stickers
  • Virtual gifts
  • Liking the profile
  • Adding it to the Star list

The women of The Lucky Date and how to find them

If you look at The Lucky Date reviews online, you will see that this site has a rather broad audience. There are many Slavic ladies there from dozens of countries. However, the majority of female users of the site are Asian women, both living in Asia and in other parts of the world.

women of The Lucky Date

There are two main ways to discover other members of TheLuckyDate.com. First, you can start with the search feature, which allows you to filter the users by their location and gender. We may want to see a more detailed search, but the existing one keeps your options broad.

Second, you can check out the notifications in the bottom left corner of the screen, where the site will suggest new and noteworthy profiles for you to visit.

TheLuckyDate website online features

The cost of using The Lucky Date

Most The Lucky Date reviews touch upon the cost of using the site, and ours is no exception. We’ll start by saying that there is no regular membership fee for using the site, and you can browse the site for free for an indefinite amount of time. However, you cannot actually communicate with anyone without paying.

Lucky Date uses a credit-based system, where you purchase credits and then spend them on communication tools. As a new member, you will get 2,000 credits for free to give you the first impression of the site. Then you can get another 2,000 for a one-time price of $2.99. Once you run out of those, you can choose from several packages, including:

5,000 credits
12,500 credits
75,000 credits

The LuckyDate.com free credits

Paid websites are regarded to be safer and better for people who desire serious relationships and not just one-night stands. However, newcomers often obtain complimentary bonuses to get used to the website faster and smoother. 

The Lucky Date cost does relate to the cost on other platforms but here you get the chance to receive a special gift — complimentary 2,000 credits. 

Many TheLuckyDate.com reviews highlight this bonus to be “an amazing way to start off with your dating”. The thing is, you can abruptly use the credits for communication with ladies online on The Lucky Date website. 

Later, you’ll need to switch to the general The Lucky Date cost after you’ve smashed all the 2,000 credits. The more active you stay at the website the more chances you get to meet the right woman and speed up serious relationships with her.

Calculate how much your future girlfriend will cost on TheLuckyDate

I originally came from...
I am searching for a life-long woman from...
I'm going to chat on the site with a bride for... month
I'm prepared to spend money on flowers and gifts for my mail-order bride...
I'm planning to visit my fiancée's homeland...
I also wanted to attach a K1 visa fee

Overall, your dating budget depends on how actively you communicate with the girls. 1 minute of chat costs 200 credits, and virtual gifts range from 4,900 to 74,900 credits, so you can estimate your expenses yourself.

options on The LuckyDate

As a free Lucky Dating member, you can:

Free features
  • Create your profile
  • Browse other profiles
  • Use search
  • Like and Star other members
  • Review your matches

For everything else, you will need to pay. Paid features of the site include:

Paid features
  • Instant chat
  • Viewing videos
  • Sending videos and photos
  • Sending chat stickers and virtual gifts

Success stories

Steve, 48

On TheLuckyDate, I found my dream woman. Her name is Mei, and she is from China. I was afraid that her English wouldn’t be that good, but it was OK. We were always laughing from each other stories, and our communication was always full of joy. Her sense of humor left me looking forward to our chats each day. TheLuckyDate is a great platform if you are into Asian women for sure!”

Eduard, 49

I discovered his love on this platform around a year ago. A lady named Hiroko from Japan caught my attention with her elegance. We spent around 4 months just chatting online, but then I had a chance to fly to Japan and meet her in real life. It was amazing, and it is all because of the Lucky Date dating site!

Jack, 42

I found my soulmate from Korea. She is a Korean beauty named Ji-Yeon and she is 20 years of age. She is a wonderful girl that is sweet, charming, and beautiful. I’m a quite experienced guy when it comes to online dating, and I can say for sure that this platform is great as it has everything you need and the price is very low!

TheLuckyDate app

As we just mentioned above, even though the site doesn’t have a mobile app, it is not noticeable as you can easily use the web version of the site on your phone. The very fact that the site’s design resembles a mobile app, even in its desktop version, guarantees that you will have a wonderful time across different devices.

TheLuckyDate scam

When it comes to online dating, thinking about the security and credibility of the site is very important. And TheLuckyDate is committed to providing a safe online dating environment. The site has a detailed FAQ section that will help you learn how to avoid getting scammed, and in general, the systems installed there offer you a safe and enjoyable online dating experience. Moreover, the administration puts in great effort to verify that all profiles are real. You can trust this website as it offers what it promises, and we can guarantee you that you will find plenty of real and informative profile pages here!

TheLuckyDate legit and real       

Is lucky date legit? Or is The Lucky Date a scam site? If you have concerns about this situation then you need to understand a few points: 

  • The Lucky Date website has special customer care that can assist you during your registration or help you combat problems with certain profiles. They can also help you with TheLuckyDate scam because not all the users go through the ID verification. 
  • There are many TheLucky Date reviews you can check out on the Internet before diving into the platform. This proves that the website is widely used by people and it’s a safe place to meet love online. 
  • TheLucky Date is loaded with a special service — ID verification. It means that users should confirm their personality online. This eliminates the level of scams and helps people build healthy relationships on the platform. 

Therefore, The Lucky Date scam and other illegal services are less vital on the platform. Besides all the brides are legal and you have a legal right to marry them in their or your country.

How to avoid getting scammed when you’re using it?

We’ve checked numerous The Lucky Date reviews and didn’t find any credible mentions of a scam. Moreover, this was our experience as well. The lack of scam reports and the presence of success stories make us think that this site lives up to its name and provides a lucky dating experience.

Still, being an active member of an international dating site means you should always be aware of possible scam and know how to tell when you’re talking to a scammer. Common signs of scam include:

  • Incomplete or overly positive profile
  • Too suggestive communication
  • Refusal to send additional photos or videos
  • Refusal to ever meet you in person
  • Constant attempts to get you to send money

If you encounter any of these signs or feel like things are not right otherwise, don’t hesitate to block the user from contacting you further and report them to the site administrators.

TheLuckyDate chat online

Chatting online with ladies on The Lucky Date.com is engaging enough to build sustainable communication and relish the fun stuff as well. 

You’ve probably familiar with the communication services on the website: you may exchange messages, send each other stickers, or immerse into small talk in the live chat. 

You need to start your experience on the dating platform with a message to different women you’ve matched with. Chatting online is getting easy when you initiate an interaction with a question instead of showering a woman with typical compliments. 

After two or three weeks of online messaging, you can switch to live conversations. It’s better to do it after and not during the first week. The thing is some women might be too shy talking to you via camera for the first time. 

Gradually after the live chat, you may request her contact info or even ask out on a real date. You should do this only when you clearly see that you’re both interested in this.

TheLuckyDate customer service    

TheLuckyDate review also touches upon customer care — the source of assistance and problem solutions. No matter whether you are just signing up or feeling weird about one of the users you can contact customer service. 

The client’s assistants get thousands of requests per day from users all over the world. Therefore, they might not be able to answer right away. However, you’ll get your answer 100 percent. Plus, there is always an additional help center with special articles that may solve one of your problems.

Unique things about The Lucky Date

So at the end of the day, what makes Lucky Date stand out? To us, it’s these three things:

  • App-like design. If you enjoy dating online using apps but are looking for something you can use both on your desktop and mobile device, this is the perfect site for that. TheLuckyDate looks and feels similar to many popular dating apps and provides a great experience regardless of the platform.
  • Matching system. Just like on dating apps, you can match with someone if you like each other’s profiles. When all of your matches are conveniently stored in one section of the site, you will never have a problem with finding a new person to chat with.
  • Choice between dark and light themes. This may not seem like a particularly valuable asset for a dating site to have, but think about it for a minute. If everything goes well, this is the site where you’ll spend hours every day talking to beautiful Asian girls, so being able to switch between themes and give your eyes a rest is definitely a nice feature to have.
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To sum up

Because of an app-like design and limited range of features, Lucky Date is not the most conventional choice of a dating site. However, if you value convenience, active communication, and contemporary design above everything else, this is one of the top sites for you to check out.


Is The Lucky Date legit?

Yes, after looking at different aspects of the site, we concluded that TheLuckyDate.com is a legit online dating platform where you can communicate with real women in a safe, convenient environment.

Who can you meet on TheLuckyDate?

There are no limitations on who can join The Lucky Date, but we have found that the majority of its female members are Asian women from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines. The site is similar to OrchidRomance in terms of the audience composition.

How to get free credits on The Lucky Date?  

The complimentary 2,000 credits on The Lucky Date website automatically pop into your “wallet” on the website after registration. You will see them after the signup and can once you click on the free credits button you get your credits. You then can spend them on a few messages with liked profiles. 

Can you use The Lucky Date for free?

After joining TheLuckyDate.com, you can browse for free for as long as you want and visit as many women’s profiles as you need without paying anything. However, a comprehensive online dating experience on TheLuckyDate requires you to spend money on credits.

How much does it cost to use TheLuckyDate?

Since there is no mandatory monthly membership fee for using The Lucky Date, the cost of using the site depends only on how actively you talk to the women and how many paid features you use. The available credit packages range from 5,000 credits for $19.99 to 75,000 credits for $149.99.

Does The Lucky Date have a mobile app?

No, you won’t find a TheLuckyDate app in Google Play or App Store. However, because the site already has a very app-like design and an adaptive interface with good usability on mobile devices, you can enjoy your mobile experience with the site as much as you enjoy the desktop one.

Barrett Connell
I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
  1. “Is lucky date real or fake? I’ve been reading mixed reviews online and am not sure if I should sign up. Can anyone share their experience?

    • I tried the lucky date latin service and it was amazing! I met so many beautiful women and even got to practice my Spanish (surely, I was really bad, lol). But, I would highly recommended for anyone interested in Latin American dating.

    • I found my perfect match on theluckydate asia! Yeah, I have found my wife on a online dating site!!! The site was easy to use, and I am very glad with time here. If you’re looking for serious relationship with a girl from Asia, this is the place to be.

    • I just signed up for lucky date 2023 and I’m already impressed with the quality of matchs. The site is very mobile-like, which is great as I have a lot of experience with Tinder.

  2. I have to say, I’ve had a negative experience with the lucky date customer service. They took a while to respond to my issue and didn’t really provide a solution. Is this common, or did I just get unlucky?

    • Hello Gary, it depends on when you wrote to them. But usually, it takes up to 24 hours for the customer service to respond. Sometimes, it might take longer, but these cases are rather rare

  3. The lucky dating app has been a game changer for me! I’ve met some amazing chicks here and have even found a few potential relationships. The best thing is that you can have several relationships at once!

  4. I was browsing lucky date photos and came across a few profiles that seemed too good to be true. Has anyone else experienced this? Are these fake profiles or just really lucky people?

    • Hello, Steve! The Lucky Date app ensures that every single girl on the platform is real. To do so, women have to provide their IDs to verify their identities. Moreover, dates that you can find on the site are encouraged to write as much as they can on their profile pages so that as many guys would find them interesting. All women here are real, we can assure you.

  5. I learn about this site on a theluckydate reddit thread. It was wery helpful when I was deciding whether or not to sing up. It’s nice to see other people’s experiences and thoughts on the platform before you start. Lucky date login was quick and easy, and I’ve been enjoying the platform so far!

  6. I’ve seen a lot of people asking, ‘is the lucky date real or fake?’ I can say from my personal experience that it’s definitely real! I met my girlfriend through the lucky date app and we’ve been together for six months now. Give it a try!

  7. Hey guys, I’ve been using the lucky date site for a while now and its been great! Yeah, it’s been mostly positive, but I did have one issue with my lucky date.com account. Thankfully, the lucky date customer service team was able to resolve it quickly.

  8. I recently signed up for lucky date Ukraine and was surprised by the number of potential matches. The lucky date login was super easy and the overall experience has been positive. I’d recommend this site to anyone looking for a date from Ukraine.

  9. My time with Lucky Date has been nothing but excellent! I’ve met a bunch of smokingly hot chicks online! The lucky dating app review I read before signing up was spot on, so it is not a fake site!

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