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Mail order brides are magnets and feminine perfection. But how can you connect with them? Try our guide, designed to help you step up your game and composed by our experts and me, Barrett Connell.

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How do online dating scammers work?

First of all, let’s talk about the most common and (unfortunately) the most dangerous mail order bride scam. What’s even worse, it’s becoming more and more widespread—we’re talking about the classic “online love asking for money” scam.

These dating sites scams are simple. First, you chat with a girl from another country—her profile looks great, her photos are really hot, and she is a fascinating person to talk to. Then, after a few days, a week, or two weeks, she asks you to send her money. Of course, they always have a sad story to back their requests up— some say their family is in trouble, some say they have urgent medical expenses, the others say they need money to buy a plane ticket, etc. There are lots of stories, actually, but it’s always about your money—and if a person asks you to send money before you meet, it’s 100% a romance scammer. 

Some experts say that you need to be cautious if your foreign love asks you to use specific payment methods, e.g., gift cards or wire transfer, but we believe that the payment method doesn’t really matter. If it’s about money, it’s a scam, that’s all you have to know about it. If you’ve met a scammer, the only thing you have to do is to report this profile to the dating site—it will be blocked and deleted in a few minutes.

But what if the website and the scammer are accomplices?

The list of the scam mail order brides sites 

Let’s imagine you find one of mail order brides platforms and create an account on it. The messaging tools are not free to use on this site, and that’s ok—you gladly buy “credits” or a premium subscription to chat with all those hot foreign ladies who send you dozens of messages. You chat with them, they reply almost constantly, the reply rate is extremely high, they are very open and flirty, and they even send you photos and videos—photos and videos are also not free to watch, by the way, so you’ll have to buy even more “credits” to continue communicating with all those sexy foreign ladies.

The more time you spend on a site, the more emails you send, and the more minutes you spend in a live chat, the more you have to pay. Profile videos, photo and video email attachments, emojis—everything is paid for on these websites, so you will spend around $300-$500 until you understand that something is going wrong. 

That “something” is the behavior of female users. They will send you dozens of messages even if you have 0 photos and no profile bio yet. They will ask you questions and make you spend more and more money. They will flirt and make you send them real or virtual gifts (they are also quite expensive, by the way). They will do everything to suck your wallet dry—but don’t be so quick to call all those beautiful foreign women gold-diggers. 

The point is, all those girls do not use these websites. The photos are from Instagram, the profile descriptions are written by the website’s team, and all the messages sent to you are composed and sent by the team, too. It’s a scam from the beginning to the end, and all of them are in this together—the website’s administration, the moderators, the customer support, and the “translators” (people who actually communicate with you). The goal is clear—they get you hooked so that you buy “credits,” and they get money. It’s simple, elegant, and you can’t do anything about it. 

That’s how most scam mail order brides sites work. Here’s the dating scammer list of 11 scam platforms you must be aware of — they might look decent and trusted, but once you sign up, you’ll get tens of messages from model-like foreign girls. 

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • GoDateNow
  • J4L
  • Find Bride
  • Rubrides
  • Rose brides
  • Dream Marriage 
  • Dream Singles
  • Elena’s Models
  • EuroDate
  • BridgeOfLove

How to find trusted mail order brides websites? 

Here, you’ll find the most important and the most valuable rules you have to follow in choosing trusted mail order brides websites:

  1. Google the reviews and read all the reviews you can find. Whether it’s TrustPilot or Reddit, Google Play reviews, or Quora, just read everything. They can’t delete the negative reviews from everywhere!
  2. Do your research and always use a reverse image search to find out if women are real on the site.
  3. Test the site. If the profiles look too good to be true, if the relationship goes too fast, and if the women send you messages even if you have no photos, it’s most likely a scam platform.