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With their dark eyes that seem to stare into your soul and the attitude that can set your mind on fire, Mexican mail order brides seem to be among the very best when it comes to dating. But how do you start communicating with these fantastic ladies? Review the guide that has been produced by our team of dating experts and me, Barrett Connell.

💘 Success rate87%
🇲🇽 % of men who choose Mexican girls78%
👍 Which dating sites do they recommend LatiDate
👧 Average age 28
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $2,500
✅ LegalityYes 
❓ Why Mexican bride?Sexy, caring, playful 

If you do not wish to wait for a long time, pick the best sites on our list or complete a personalized quiz to find the best site for you.

Mexican mail order brides are like a spicy cocktail that teases all your senses: impossible to ignore.

Mexico mail order brides 2024: Who are they?

Latin women are known to be desired by men from all over the world, but many guys choose to buy a Mexican bride in particular. To help you understand what real Mexican mail order women are and why they are so desired, we collected the top qualities of these beauties. Explore them!

  1. Sexiness. Smoking-hot Mexican mail oder wives have very feminine figures with wide hips and small waists. Their curves are very sexy and make the number one reason why Westerners fall for beautiful foreign brides from Mexico. Also, their facial features are pleasant and ladies from this country have wide eyes, small noses, and big sensual lips. And their caramel skin is just flawless, which is why Mexican mail order wives rarely need to hide any imperfections.
  2. Latin charm. There is a special way of how a typical Mexican mail order wife charms any men near her. It might be her stylish way of rocking skinny jeans, and a short top, or her bright white smile. When you find a Mexican mail order bride, you’ll be amazed at how easy the conversation flows.
  3. Understanding character. A huge benefit of the character of oversea brides from Mexico is their laid-back character. Women are not demanding and don’t expect you to spend 24/7 with them. International mail order brides from Mexico value their time for themselves and like to have quality time with their friends outside their relationships.
  4. Prioritizing family values. The own family is sacred to foreign mail order wives from Mexico, which is why they tend to have close bonds with their relatives. Also, this influences how serious they think about dating someone. Even though their flirtatious behavior may make them look volatile, a Mexican girl for marriage won’t go into a relationship without feelings for the other person.

Mexican beauties match perfectly with modern Western men, as they have qualities that they seek in women. These core traits make international brides dating from Mexico so popular.

What Are The Best Mexican Women Dating Sites?

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Enigmatic beauty of Mexican brides for marriage

Many guys decide to marry Mexican women because they seek beautiful ladies in their lives. Indeed, Mexican women for marriage are the most popular Latin mail order brides, so you will find a lot of attractive and sexy women from this country. Now, there are many beautiful women who will have the diverse appearance, but we would like to offer you a general description of Mexican women to marry:

  • Many Mexican women looking for marriage are rather curvy, although you can find slim and petite Mexican mail order brides.
  • Women from this country usually have slightly tanned skin.
  • Mexican brides for sale are not very tall. In fact, they are among the shortest mail order brides from Latin countries.
  • Mexican wives know how to take care of themselves, so they will look beautiful all the time.
  • Women from Mexico age well, so even a 50 or 60-years-old woman will look hot.
Mexican brides for marriage

Character of Mexican wives: What to expect?

To build a happy family with a Mexican woman for sale, you need to know what to expect from being around this woman. Girls from Mexico are not the simplest women, so you should really read this section to make up your mind about marrying Mexican ladies. 

Mexican brides for American men are typically very emotional and expressive, a quality that is very prominent among Latin mail order brides. However, Mexican brides are not as irrational as other women for marriage from this region can be. Sure, they can be very expressive, and emotions play an essential role in their life. However, you shouldn’t expect your woman to be irrational and purely emotional. They can control their passion, which is great. However, to be happy with a woman, you will have to be emotional as well.

Another essential quality of the character of these beauties is blatant honesty. They will tell you everything as it is. And you should never take it personally. Even if your woman tells you something unflattering, it is not to offend or humiliate you. She just wants you to know about a certain problem so that you can fix it.

It is essential to note that Mexican women for marriage can be rather demanding. They will want you to act in a certain way and treat them specially. However, don’t think that Mexican wives are spoiled. They will ask you for what you can provide and nothing more.

Why do Mexican women for sell like American men?

First, Mexican women to marry know a lot about men from North America because these two countries are neighbors. There are no cultural differences between Mexico and the United States, and many girls can find suitable partners near the border of the country, which will help them assimilate better.

However, a Mexican girl looking for marriage in the United States is driven by knowing that men who live in the United States are kind, responsible, and respectful. She just wants to have a better life with a man who knows how to treat a woman properly. A lot of Mexican mail order brides don’t want to be with local guys who can be violent and disrespectful. In addition, the divorce rate in this country is growing every year. Moreover, life in the United States or any other Western country is simpler and more enjoyable than life in Mexico.

❤️ Success stories with Mexican girls

Stan and Melissa

I’ve always found it hard to approach women in real life, so I thought things would get easier with online dating. They certainly did: when I could take my time and choose who to talk to, I started meeting girls with little to no effort. At first, Melissa was just another girl I chatted with, but soon, I developed deeper feelings for her. I wasn’t sure how she was feeling about me, though. So I asked directly, and it turned out she was only talking to me and wasn’t romantically interested in anyone else. I thought this was the perfect time to meet each other IRL. It went even better than I imagined. We are now officially a couple, and I’m getting ready for our next date.

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Henry and Bianca

Meeting Bianca is probably the best thing that happened to me, and I didn’t even do much. I just registered on a popular dating site, created a profile, and that’s when she somehow found me. Bianca turned out to be a strong, confident woman. She took matters into her own hands because I can be shy at times. She was even the one who invited me to visit her in Mexico, long before I planned to do it myself. But I didn’t mind, as I think I’ve loved her from day one. Now I’m planning to propose, and this is the one thing I want to do on my own!

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Tony and Regina

I’ve never had a problem with meeting women until I realized I was interested in Mexican women, and I was far away from Mexico. I thought online dating would save me, and it did. I messaged one woman after another, but there wasn’t that special connection. And then I saw Regina’s profile. Her beauty was something that attracted my attention, but then it turned out she also had a fascinating personality. I just couldn’t keep from coming back to chat with her. After chatting for 6 months, we spent a wonderful week in Mexico, and on the seventh day, I popped the question, and she said yes.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dating Mexico mail order women


Natural beauty
Very feminine in everything they do
Not afraid of hard work
Good at dancing
Always up to have some fun
The majority are social butterflies


Always loud
Never on time
Some ladies can be really jealous

mexico mail order bride

Where to get a Mexican mail order bride?

If all you can think of is how to buy a Mexican mail order bride after discovering how incredible Mexican ladies are, we have the answer for you. You can either order a Mexican bride online or travel to Mexico and try to look for a potential partner IRL. Finding a wife in Mexico is not a challenging task.

  1. Using a dating or mail order bride service. It is the best place to find a wife in Mexico. To find a reputable Mexican mail order bride, you need to find a reliable dating site or app that can connect you with women from this region. It’s always better to join a specialized dating site, as you’ll have a wider choice of women from a particular country you are interested in. Other benefits of online dating include accessibility, a variety of communication tools, search filters, and affordable prices.
  2. Visiting Mexico. Having a vacation in the country or traveling just to meet a potential Mexican woman for marriage can be a great adventure, as you mix exploring a new land with love search. But note that you need to make time for your trip and it tends to be quite pricey. Also, there is no guarantee to meet ‘the one’ as you meet local women as you would in your local area. And you can’t know upfront if a girl you approach shares your dating goals. But also, even if you choose to date online, sooner or later you are also expected to come to the country to meet your girlfriend or fly her over to your homeland.

Both options can give you a chance to meet your soulmate and even buy a Mexican wife, but explore all pros and cons before you commit to one, to use the most effective dating way for your case. If you choose online dating as your primary dating way, here is how to dive into Mexican international dating.

There are a lot of Mexican women seeking American men on dating sites, but the question of legality is especially important when it comes to building relationships and marriage. You might hear about the concept of “Mexican brides sale” or “buy a real Mexican wife”. First off, it is necessary to admit that these phrases don’t identify human trafficking, and you can’t literary buy a mail order bride from Mexico. 

Nevertheless, you will need to pay for dating site services to have a safe and effective experience. It is crucial to approach only legit and trusted sites for finding a Mexican wife to avoid scams and have a successful romance journey. 

Another aspect to consider is bringing Mexican mail brides to the US. To do it legally, you will need to choose one of the Mexican women looking for American men on the dedicated platform, develop relationships with her, and assist her in applying for a fiance visa to enter the US without any hassle. Once you meet your perfect Mexican woman looking for husband, you will need to follow the rules of both countries to arrange your marriage properly. 

Why Western men want to find a Mexican wife so much: Real-life stories

Chad, 39

My obsession with Mexican women dates way back to when I first saw Salma Hayek. Since then, I’ve always looked for Mexican women, but there were barely any of them where I live. This is why, when my friends showed me LaDate.com, I felt on top of the world. Me and Lucia met during my first week as a member, and we haven’t gone for more than 12 hours without talking. I’m in love with her and the way she embodies Mexican culture!

Ben, 48

I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t attracted to Mexican women. I love pretty much everything about them, from the way they look to how they make the most passionate lovers. But it was always hard for me to approach these women because I’m somewhat shy. Online dating platforms have become my perfect solution. I can start talking and even video chat with hot Mexican brides without any hesitation. I’ve met some amazing women there, and I’m currently in a happy relationship with very serious intentions.

Josh, 32

Some say I’m too young for serious relationships and family life, but that’s what I’ve always wanted, as long as it’s with the right girl. Specifically, I’ve been dreaming about my future Mexican wife for the last 10 years or so. The decision to join ColombiaLady was almost random, but I’ve never regretted it. It’s where I met Daniela, my fiancée from Mexico City. We are planning our wedding, and because everyone tells me Mexican girls make excellent wives and are perfect for family life, I’m really looking forward to our wedding.

How to order a Mexican bride online?

As the demand for beautiful ladies from Mexico is high, there are a lot of dating sites, apps, and marriage agencies that offer a Mexican bride for foreign husband. Here is what you should do after you pick a trustworthy dating website.

To start, fill in your profile and make it eye-catching. Don’t forget that women are choosing too and you need to stand out from the competition. Take care of adding a high-quality and fresh profile picture, which is positive and not too formal, it’s not a CV.

Second, you should make a list of your future partner’s features. If you have any preferences that may be a deal-breaker for you, something like having kids or smoking, you can filter out unsuitable options. Also, with the stunning beauty of women from Mexico, it’s easy to want to talk to them all, but it is much better to stick with 3 to 5 girls to have an opportunity to build a bond and have a meaningful relationship with a Mexican mail order bride.

Third, with time, narrow down your list of women you talk to. Choose your girl and develop your relationship in the phase you feel comfortable in. To get to know more about how to date a Mexico mail order bride, keep on reading!

mexican mail order wife

How much does a Mexican bride cost?

Without a doubt, meeting Mexican wives online is the most effective, convenient, and practical way to find a Mexican wife. But you probably won’t be surprised by the fact that meeting Mexican girls for marriage costs money. 

It’s worth noting that none of the money actually goes to the Latin America brides themselves — rather, it’s used to enhance your experience and make it work in your favor. Here are the key things you’ll spend money on when meeting Mexican mail order wives:

  • When using a dating site with Latin brides, you will have to pay either for a Premium membership or for credits, which can then be used to pay for features like video and phone calls or chat stickers. You can expect to spend between $50 and $200 on communication channels per month.
  • Most dating services offer foreign guys a chance to send gifts to women. These can range from sweets and flowers to perfume, smartphones, and gifts for the women’s children. Gifts are not mandatory, so depending on how generous you are, your monthly gift budget can be between $0 and $1,000.
  • When it’s finally time to meet Mexican brides in real life. It all starts with getting there, so you’ll need plane tickets to and from Mexico, which can cost you from $400 to $800.
  • The first time you’re meeting your bride, you are not going to stay at her place, so you will need to find a hotel, an Airbnb, or another type of accommodation. For a two-week stay in Mexico, you can pay between $700 and $1,500 for a room.
  • You’re going to need food, and not just for yourself, but also for your bride when you are spending time together. Mexico has a great choice of both street food and restaurants, so your food budget can be anywhere between $500 and $1,200.
  • When exploring Mexico on your own or with your lady, you’ll need to pay to go to museums, national parks, beaches, nightclubs, malls, and so on. You can spend between $400 and $800 on entertainment.
  • Finally, you’ll need to either use public transportation, taxis, or rent a car to get around Mexico. Depending on what you go for, your transportation expenses can be between $300 and $600.

All of that makes the total of meeting a Mexican bride range from $2,500 to over $6,000.

mexican bride for sale

Peculiarities of dating a Mexican mail order wife

Mexican dating is quite similar to the Western one, as the country is hugely influenced by Western culture. However, some peculiarities make it unique, so let’s explore them:

  • Looking good. Style and caring about personal grooming is a very important part of dating in Mexico.
  • Sticking with a traditional approach. The majority of women in Mexico are raised traditionally and you need to respect and follow them. For example, there is a tradition of ‘piropos’—flirty comments.
  • Being romantic. The telenovelas-made love is very chivalry-saturated and women from Mexico love it.

Implement these easy things that are common in Mexico into your dating strategy to win the heart of your desired beauty.

Mexican bride online

What to expect from being married to a Mexican woman for sale?

You can expect to be the head of the family, that is for sure. You will be the main breadwinner of the house. But don’t think that your woman is going to be passive, submissive, and obedient. She will respect your male authority, no doubt about that. But she will demand to be acknowledged and heard. She will take part in discussions and make decisions. But don’t think that you will feel weird or uncomfortable. Do Mexican women make good wives? Undoubtedly! Your Mexican wife is going to be your partner and soulmate, not a competitor or enemy.

You can also expect to have a very active and romantic life. To meet Mexican wife, you need to show that you are a man who knows how to surprise a lady. And if you marry a woman from this country, she will make sure that every single day you spend together is fun, enjoyable, and special.

What to write to a Mexican girl looking for marriage you like?

The most important thing you need to understand when speaking about communication with Mexican girls for marriage is that confidence is everything. If you are a confident man, you will succeed with a Mexican bride online. But don’t confuse confidence with arrogance. Many girls from this country want to marry Americans because Mexican men can be very arrogant. Let’s take a closer look at what your communication should be like.

First message

You should complement your bride and ask her some neutral questions in your first message. Don’t make your compliment too sexual and your question too personal. Don’t tell a lot about yourself. Mexican women love attention, so your communication should be more focused on your lady and not on you. Start with a simple ‘Hi’ and some compliments. A message like ‘Hey, I really like your eyes’ or ‘Wow, you are such a beautiful girl’ would do just fine. Don’t overthink it, and you will be successful with a Mexican bride!

Topics for discussion

Once you contact a bride and have one or two dates with her, you need to proceed to some interesting topics. A topic should be appealing for both of you as well as informative for you. The simplest option is to ask your bride to tell you about her family. It is a great subject that can help you understand your potential wife’s background. Another excellent topic is your bride’s interests. Wonder what your woman likes, and she will tell you a lot about her hobbies and goals in life. So, here is what you can talk about:

  • Her hobbies, interests, goals, and expectations
  • Her background (family, city, country, culture)
  • Things that are in common
  • Current events (except for religions and politics)

Is it easy to communicate with Mexican brides for marriage?

Mexican mail order wives

It is relatively easy to communicate with a woman from Mexico. These girls usually have decent English, no problems with Western culture, and are eager to marry a foreigner. Are mail order Mexican brides free to discuss any topic they desire? Yes, but you should avoid complex subjects such as politics and religion.

Can you meet Mexican wife in real life?

Of course, you can! However, you need to have at least a few dates before doing so. You need to show that you are a man your Mexican woman for sale can trust. Once you are sure that you gained your woman’s trust, you can ask her to have a real-life date with you. Most of the time, mail order bride services help you organize the in-person meeting. Just remember to wait and help your bride learn who you are.


Beautiful Mexican singles are sexy, loving, and serious in dating. If you look for a partner who will shine your day with a charming smile, will be up for an adventure, and will support you through thick and thin—a Mexican mail bride is who you’d marry!


Is it better to date a Mexican girl online or IRL?

Both options have pros and cons. But if you look for the fastest way to find a wife in Mexico, then you’d stick to online dating.

Is it safe to date mail order Mexican brides online?

Yes, if you are a member of a reliable dating site.

Are Mexican mail order women real?

Women who join trustworthy dating sites or apps usually undergo an ID check. So, users can be sure that they are communicating with real Mexican mail order brides.

How much is a Mexican mail bride?

The price consists of dating services that start from $3.99 per 20 credits on some popular dating sites lite LatinFeels and travel expenses that are around $1,637.

Can I legally marry a woman from Mexico?

Yes, all Western countries allow marriage with Mexican citizens, both in Mexico and the US. For marrying in America, you’ll need to obtain a K1 visa application.

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I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
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