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She has the looks that belong on a magazine cover… But how do you start chatting with a mail order bride? Check out our guide, composed by the dating experts and me, Barrett Connell.

If waiting is not an option, choose the best dating site or complete the personalized quiz to find the top site for you. A mail order bride can make you swoon!

Is it challenging to become a mail order bride?

how to become a mail order bride

If you want to become a mail order bride, you should understand that this process is comfortable and easy for any unmarried woman. Aside from saving your time, you can find a perfect partner based on your preferences and tastes. All you need is to choose a reliable marriage agency. The specialists will help you create an engaging profile. With dedicated services and tools, you can filter out unwanted accounts, organize your search based on certain criteria, and contact your partner using safe messaging options.

What should you be ready for?

The first step in learning how to become a mail order bride is to make your profile stand out. Organize a professional photo session and record a compelling video to make a hook. You will hardly find your soulmate immediately. You can communicate with multiple men for a long time before you find someone to your taste.  Every mail order bride should realize that a long and thorny path awaits her before meeting a man of her dreams.

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What should you know about mail order brides?

become a mail order wife

If you want to become a mail order American bride, you shouldn’t be married. This is the strict rule that all marriage agencies verify. However, you may be divorced and have a child. Fortunately, there are many men abroad who are looking for a wife with previous relationship experiences. Western men value educated women, so it will be nice if you have a degree and a successful career. As a mail order bride, you may have any background, income level, and views. Most importantly, you should have a sincere desire to create a family.

5 reasons to be a mail order wife

Why do women become mail order brides in the first place? There are many reasons, and they all differ for each lady. Yet, you don’t have to worry that there’s something wrong with you if you would rather marry a Western man rather than a local—it happens with many girls. So, let’s tackle the question, “why do people become mail in order brides?”

Lack of men in your own country

A lady often decides to be a woman for sale when she has been in several relationships with men from her country, and they all failed. Now, she’s disappointed in them and doesn’t want to make the same mistakes anymore. So, she starts looking for foreign men and understands that mail order brides websites are the best option. Western guys seem to be more mature and ready for commitments than local men, so that is a perfect answer to “why would someone become a mail order bride?”

Family and society pressure

Why do women become mail order brides? Because society and relatives expect them to have kids and husbands at a certain age, not asking women’s opinions. This makes ladies live under pressure because even though they’re building careers, their parents believe it’s time to settle down. Also, girls’ relatives often try to match them with random guys just for the sake of it. So, women try to avoid this “pleasure” by registering at mail order brides sites and meeting men who match their preferences and share similar values.

Desire to have a better quality of life

It’s often when mail order brides are the women who come from economically unstable countries that don’t offer enough self-development opportunities. Ladies are unable to change anything about it, and such living conditions make them stressed. That’s when mail order brides sites come to the rescue. They offer women to find soulmates whom they can give their love and care to and who will make them happier.

how to be mail order wife

Western values are more suitable for you

It’s often when girls from Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia come from traditional families with well-established views. However, ladies don’t feel like these values are for them. They don’t want to follow a usual “script” and match society’s expectations. 

And that’s when girls start thinking, “how do I become a mail order bride?” They believe they’d be happier if they build relationships with men who don’t stick to the so-called rules and prefer putting their dreams and desires above expectations imposed on them by other people. 

Shared goals

Usually, it’s hard for a woman to stumble upon a man who’d share the same goals as she does when it comes to offline dating. Most often, ladies have to deal with immature guys who aren’t ready to have serious relationships. And that’s when a girl starts thinking about how to be a mail order bride.

As a rule, men who use dating sites are ready to have families and kids, and it’s easy to know more about them just by looking through their profiles. So, women don’t want to waste their time waiting for a miracle to happen. Instead, they take charge of their personal lives and register at mail order brides platforms. 

Why should I choose an American man once I become a girl for marriage? 

When reading this article, you might have noticed that we primarily focus on Western men. The reason is that, usually, women start searching for their soulmates in their countries, but after a certain time, they understand that this is a waste of time because these guys don’t match their expectations. Besides, Western gentlemen appreciate women, while foreign men take ladies for granted. 

how to become mail order woman for marriage

So, if you want to become a mail order wife but aren’t sure whether to say “yes” to this option, hesitate no more. We have a list of American men’s best qualities that will make you click on the online dating site’s link as soon as you finish reading it. 

  • American guys are smart. Yes, you can find smart men in other countries too, but Western men have a unique mentality, which makes a great mix combined with their intelligence. If you’re into reliable guys who can easily solve any challenges and make you feel safe and cared for—an American gentleman is your perfect choice. 
  • American men support their women in their careers. How many times has a guy from your country said that a woman should stay home and look after kids because these are her main tasks? Enough times, we bet. But American men prefer women who follow their dreams and don’t give up on them as soon as they have kids. So, if you have a chance to be a mail order wife, take it and find yourself the best man. 
  • Western men are emotionally intelligent. You’d want to be a woman for sale right away if you meet an American man who isn’t scared of commitment and readily listens to you, taking notes to help your relationships evolve. Also, local guys are known for being self-aware and empathetic, which seem to be perfect qualities for any man. 

Particularities of becoming mail order brides in different countries

Now, as we have addressed “why would someone become a mail order bride,” it’s time to clarify how people from different countries treat this concept.

How is it like being a mail order bride in Europe?

European women are used to meeting men within their own countries because there’s a wide choice of nice men in the region. However, they never judge ladies who prefer American men because why not take this chance? Who knows, maybe your soulmate is awaiting you thousands of miles away? 

become a mail order girl for marriage

Yes, mail order brides are legal in Asia. Moreover, if you come from this region and decide to be a mail order wife, you won’t surprise anyone because almost half of mail order brides in the world are Asian ladies

Can I become a girl for marriage if I’m Slavic?

How to become a mail order American bride if I live in a Slavic country? Easy! Ladies from this region are considered some of the most sought-after women, so you’ll definitely find your soulmate online. Online dating in Slavic countries is a widespread option, so there’s nothing wrong with leveraging this opportunity. 

Can a Latin woman become a mail order wife? 

She definitely can. A Latina girl who wants to become a girl for marriage has a high chance of meeting a man of her dreams online. Western guys are fond of their personalities, and now more and more local ladies have started using dating sites. So, even if you’re worried that society or your family might say that mail order brides platforms aren’t reliable, you should follow your heart and not be afraid of trying new things. 

Is it possible for an African girl to be a woman for sale?

Surely, if you’re an African woman who wants to become a mail order wife, there’s nothing wrong with it. Although there aren’t many girls from this region on dating sites, their number keeps increasing. Yes, it might be hard explaining to your family why you don’t want to choose the traditional way of meeting men, but the result is worth it. 

How do American men treat a woman’s decision to become a mail order wife?

If a woman wants to become a mail order wife, she might face different reactions, which mainly depend on the country she’s coming from. In some regions, people are more used to traditional approaches to meeting lovers and building families. So, they might think that the lady’s desire to meet a man online is weird and that it might pose some risks for her. 

However, the US is a country where modern views prevail over traditional values, and people don’t judge others because of their preferences. Western men understand that many factors affect ladies’ decision to be mail order wives, and they might be more serious than one expects. 

Although some guys think that mail order brides are gold-diggers, they’re mistaken because thousands of legitimate dating sites ensure their users’ safety and verify all the profiles. So, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to be a mail order bride, but I’m scared about what people would say,” you should put yourself first.

Are men judgmental about mail order brides?

can you become mail order bride

Usually, men don’t judge ladies who use mail order brides sites because guys themselves believe that online dating is more effective than offline. Besides, you have more chances to meet your soulmate if you aren’t limited geographically. Nowadays, a lady can become a girl for marriage whenever she feels like it’s time to explore all the options available. 

If you’re wondering “how to register to become a mail order bride,” nothing is humiliating about it because currently, online dating is as widespread as real-life meetings. So, why say “no” to this opportunity if it can help you meet the man of your dreams and make each other happy? 

Besides, legitimate mail order brides websites are regulated by VAWA and IMBRA, so your security is guaranteed, and you can be sure that all men using these platforms are real. Nothing is embarrassing about the willingness to become a girl for marriage because it’s a proven way for lonely hearts to find each other. 


Who are mail order brides?

A mail order bride is a woman who wants to build long-lasting relationships with a man from another country.

How to be a mail order wife and attract men?

The cornerstone to success is to create a compelling profile. Once you communicate with men, just remain yourself. Men value caring and attentive women. Keep it in mind.

Are mail order spouses legal?

Yes. Mail order bride services are legal in the USA, Canada, Europe, and many other countries worldwide. The most important thing here is to find a reputable marriage service.

What are the advantages of becoming mail order bride?

Aside from the ability to meet your perfect partner from the comfort of your home, you can communicate with the most eligible bachelors from all over the world.

Does everyone have a chance to become a mail order bride?

If you are an unmarried woman over 18 years old, you can create an account on a dedicated website and become a mail order bride.

Barrett Connell
I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
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