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Bulgarian mail order brides have hour glass figures, prominent facial features, and a drop of exotic gypsy blood to make their beauty knock you off your feet. At this point, you are probably thinking: so, how do I contact brides from Bulgaria? Our team of professional dating experts together with me, Barrett Connell, has made it possible with this guide.

💘 Success rate86%
👧 Average age 26
Is it legal?Yes
👍 Best dating sites SofiaDate
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $2,300
❓ Why Bulgarian bride?Sexy, supportive, passionate 

If you want to message a Bulgarian bride right now, you choose the international dating site from the list that we have composed or take a personalized quiz to find the best platform for dating.

Smoking hot Bulgarian mail order brides are here to make you happy and smitten with their looks.

How and where to find mail order bride from Bulgaria?

To order a bride online from Bulgaria, you need to use a dating platform. It should be a secure, effective, and reputable place where you can devote your time to find the right girl for you. Our selection of websites can help you meet exactly what you desire and seek.

To successfully buy a bride from this country, you need to follow our instructions, and fortunately, there are not that many challenges that you can face. First, you need to sign up on a dating site. Usually, it takes only a few clicks to create an account. Then, you need to fill out your profile. Make sure that you provide enough interesting and appealing information there, since your girls need to be exciting about contacting you and starting a relationship.

The rest is up to you. Consider learning a few facts about Bulgarian mail order wives, as it can help you have adequate expectations of your relationships. However, women from this country are kind, easy-going, and down-to-earth, so it won’t be difficult to date them.

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Why are Bulgarian mail order brides looking for foreign husbands?

The most popular reasons that make Bulgarian girls for marriage choose foreign guys over local are the following:

Economic reasons

Bulgaria is a less economically developed country, so it’s hard for local women to live the lives they want to have. Also, the salaries are relatively low in the country, so Bulgarian women feel undervalued and seek opportunities to become more appreciated. 

Desire to explore

If you’ve decided to buy Bulgarian bride because you want to know what it’s like to be married to a woman with a contrasting cultural background, you can be sure she has the same goal. Bulgarian ladies already know what to expect from local guys, so they’re looking for better men.

More self-development opportunities

In Bulgaria, it’s hard for ladies to find jobs that pay well and bring joy. They don’t want to spend hours doing things they don’t like and believe they can fulfill their potential in the US, supported by their American husbands. 

Bulgarian mail order bride

Why dating Bulgarian overseas brides?

The main reason why you should consider finding and buying a Bulgarian bride is the fact that this girl is down-to-earth. She is a simple lady who wants to find a good and reasonable man. She won’t demand things that you cannot or don’t want to get. Furthermore, she won’t make you feel miserable just because your date wants drama.

Dating and marrying Bulgarian women online is great because you won’t find it difficult to interact with them. As you may understand, online dating is all about communication, and the simpler communication becomes, the easier it is to find a suitable date. Bulgarian brides won’t make it complicated, and you will enjoy every single moment spent with your lady!

❤️ Our success stories with Bulgarian girls

Chris and Desislava

Chris and Desislava

I always knew Bulgarian women were perfect for me, but I just didn’t know how to meet one, as I couldn’t leave work behind to go and live there. This is why this dating site became my lifesaver. When I joined it, I had a pleasant chat here and there, but no one stood out in particular. But when I accidentally came across Desislava’s profile, I just knew I had to be with her. She didn’t instantly feel the same way about me, but the more we talked, the more she apparently saw in me. Long story short, we’ve been married for the best six months of my life.

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Michael and Polina

Michael and Polina

To some, marrying a Bulgarian girl could seem like a random choice. To me, it was a lifelong dream since I went on a little Bulgarian vacation in my 20s. Me joining this dating site was almost accidental — I saw an ad for it once and decided to give it a try. Polina’s profile immediately stood out to me. So, even though I’m not the suavest guy, I knew I had to message her. Our conversation quickly hit off, and we would be chatting day and night for months. We are now getting ready for Polina to move to the US as my fiancée.

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Will and Anelia

I was very skeptical about the whole “find a wife online” thing until one of my friends did just that. I was frankly jealous of his success, so I thought I should try the same thing. Besides, I’ve always been partial to Bulgarian women. So I went to the same website that he did… and nothing happened for a whole week. Only when I saw Anelia’s profile, did I realize this was the woman I wanted. We are planning to become husband and wife this year — currently taking care of all the formalities.

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What does a Bulgarian bride for sale look like?

Bulgarian girls for marriage boast magnificent dark hair, brown or green eyes, smooth skin, and prominent cheekbones. They have perfect, hour-glass shaped bodies and long legs. Bulgarian brides are petite and slender, and their attractiveness is recognized by various beauty contests, in which they often win. Bulgarian girls for marriage wear stylish clothes and never forget about putting on light makeup.  

Traits you need to know before deciding to buy Bulgarian bride

If you know where to find a Bulgarian wife, you should also understand what to expect from her. These are some characteristics of Bulgarian girls for marriage.

  • Sociable. Bulgarian women adore chatting with other people and can easily find a common language with anyone. They make people feel welcomed and included and often become the souls of the party. 
  • Kind. Once you buy Bulgarian bride, you’ll never stop wondering about how she manages to see the positive side of everything. She avoids judging people and smiles at everyone. Your Bulgarian woman will be your own ray of sunshine that always lightens up your mood. 
  • Laid-back. Bulgarian girls for marriage prefer slow living. They prefer staying calm, relaxed, and carefree because it helps them to be happier and enjoy every moment. 
  • Creative. Coming up with a solution to any problem is a secret trait of any Bulgarian bride for sale. Whatever the issue is, she’ll always find the right solution and stay by your side to show her support.
Bulgarian girl for marriage

Pros and cons of Bulgarian foreign mail order brides

Relationships, especially serious and long-term ones, require understanding what kind of person you are looking for. So, we want to help you have proper and adequate expectations of dating a woman from Bulgaria. Here are both positive and negative aspects of buying a Bulgarian wife online!

  • Simplicity of communication
  • Family-oriented attitude
  • Bulgarian girls are pretty
  • Bulgarian girls are very similar to other international mail order wives

Popularity of Bulgarian mail order women—what is the secret?

Do you want to know why a lot of guys from the United States and other Western countries are interested in Bulgarian girls for marriage and serious dating? The answer is simple—these girls are a perfect combination of qualities and skills. Most ladies you will find online are going to be rather family-oriented. However, they are also eager to pursue any other goals they have.

Another reason why these girls are so popular is where Bulgaria is located. It is a sunny country where people are carefree and cheerful. But it is also a Slavic country, which means that almost every girl you will find is going to be attractive and hot. Even though there are not as many Bulgarian dates as one may wish for, these girls are active and energetic, and online dating for them is a suitable and effective way to find real love and happiness.

How to buy a mail order bride—see what to expect from Bulgarian wives

Want to know what it is like dating a woman from Bulgaria, well, we have just the information for you! Although these facts are not universal among all Bulgarian girls for marriage, most of the girls that you will find are going to have some of those qualities.

Bulgarian bride online
  1. Enjoy great conversations with girls who usually know English pretty well.
  2. Find a caring and kind woman who can respect your privacy and trust.
  3. Find a woman who respects Western values.
  4. Meet a woman who will understand what you want and will help you no matter what.

In general, you can expect to have a great time with a girl who is sweet, loving, and caring. An experience with a Bulgarian mail order wife can be described as relaxing, enjoyable, and comfortable!

Are Bulgarian girls for marriage ready for offline communication?

A Bulgarian bride for sale is a woman who knows what she wants, so if she decides to use online dating websites, she’s ready to advance the communication with a man who caught her attention. Local ladies are chatty, so they aren’t afraid of starting conversations with foreign men because they understand that communication is the key and aim to establish strong connections.

You don’t have to worry about the contrasting cultural backgrounds you and Bulgarian girls for marriage have because these ladies are Westernized enough to understand how to approach you. There won’t be anything complicated with finding a common language because Bulgarian women speak English and are aware of the Western culture. Besides, if you know where to find a Bulgarian wife, you’re already on the right path towards your lover’s heart. 

What can a Bulgarian mail order bride give you?

The decision to search for a Bulgarian wife sale is a no-brainer for thousands of Western men simply because of how many things a Bulgarian bride can give you. Here are just a few things you can expect:

  • A Bulgarian bride will treat your family as her own. It’s tradition for Bulgarian women to not just marry a guy, but also accept his whole family. You can expect your spouse to get along well with everybody and your family to instantly love her.
  • Bulgarian women are smart and driven. They will not only support you in your career moves but will also want a career of their own. And you can rest assured they will be good at what they do and continue to be there for their family.
  • A Bulgarian wife will support you in every way. Whether you are thinking of a major career switch, you want to try a new hobby, or you are considering moving to a different area, you can count on your bride’s full support.
  • You will have her undivided attention. When a Bulgarian lady is in love, nothing can come between her and her significant other. It means that no matter how active she is in her social life or hobbies, she will put them on the back burner for you.
  • A Bulgarian woman can handle it all. Being a wife, a mother, and a full-time employee (39% of women in Bulgaria hold management positions) is not a big deal for Bulgarian ladies for marriage because they are brought up with the notion that they can do anything they want.
  • A Bulgarian girl for marriage will give you commitment. A Bulgarian woman wants a happy family with a life partner she loves and feels loved by in return. The relatively low divorce rate in Bulgaria will tell you that these women are committed to making the relationship work no matter what.

How a Bulgarian wife will change your life?

So is getting a Bulgaria girl for marriage worth it? Here are three facts to prove that it is:

Bulgarian mail order bride
  • You suddenly find yourself longing for a home-cooked meal every day and can no longer imagine yourself eating a microwave dinner.
  • You start to enjoy going out more and realize you like dancing and having fun more than you originally thought.
  • You discover that getting married doesn’t mean you have to leave your old life and old friends completely behind so that your wife doesn’t get upset.
  • You will discover new passions. Spending time with your bride, and enjoying her hobbies, will become your favorite pastime.
  • Your family will get bigger. You can count on your own family falling completely in love with your Bulgarian bride and welcoming her everywhere.
  • You will get a powerful support system. Bulgarian women consider their partners to be right in every situation, so you can expect her to have your back in any circumstance.

How much does a Bulgarian wife purchase cost?

The joy of getting to know Bulgarian ladies for marriage, let alone marrying one of them, does not come for free. At the same time, there is no fixed Bulgarian bride price you can pay to guarantee yourself a spouse. The cost of a Bulgaria wife purchase, when done online, consists of two parts:

  • Online dating expenses. This includes the cost of a Premium membership on the dating site of your choice and the cost of credits. If the site allows you to send gifts or flowers, these also count. On average, guys spend between $50 and $300 on dating online.
  • Real-life dating expenses. After communicating online for some time, you and your bride will want to meet in person, and it’s usually the man who goes to see the woman. You can expect to spend between $2,000 and $4,000 for a two-week trip to Bulgaria, which includes plane tickets, hotel, food, transportation, and entertainment.
Bulgaria bride

Depending on a few factors, such as how long it takes you to find a soulmate and how many girls you talk to in the process, you can expect to spend from $4,000 to $8,000 from start to finish.

Even though we, along with many other publications, frequently mention Bulgarian wife sale, it’s worth noting that you cannot actually buy a bride in Bulgaria. But that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone familiar with basic laws and morals. What you can do absolutely legally and safely is meet Bulgarian brides online and develop an offline relationship with one of them that can later lead to marriage.

In that case, the relationship and the marriage will work pretty much as they would with a local woman. The only difference is that in order to marry you, your woman needs to enter the country legally as your bride-to-be. If you live in the US, you will need to help her apply for and get a K-1 visa. Once she has it, she can move to America and you will have 90 days to tie the knot.

Why you’ll never regret finding a Bulgaria girl for marriage?

Brides for sale from Bulgaria are highly coveted by men from Western countries, and it’s not surprising: any guy who’s lucky enough to complete a Bulgarian wife purchase never regrets his decision. Should you consider marrying a Bulgaria bride? Here is why this decision will be the best one you’ll ever make:

Bulgarian women for marriage
  • Bulgarian women are highly loyal. They are determined to get married for life and they won’t let some fleeting distractions ruin their happy marriage and loving relationship.
  • Bulgarian brides support you no matter what. When a Bulgarian girl gets married, it means that she will always consider her partner right. Whether you run into some difficulties at work or encounter another kind of crisis, your woman will be by your side.
  • A Bulgarian mail order bride will always share your interests. Women in Bulgaria rightfully believe that in order to have a lasting marriage, they need to be on the same page as their partners in terms of interests and tastes, and that’s what she will do.
  • She’ll always look stunning. Bulgarian women not only age at a slower rate than many other nations but also know how to keep their beauty, body complexion, and style age-appropriate and always improving.
  • She will help you find joy in fatherhood. Whether you have wanted to become a father for a long time or have never seriously considered it before, a Bulgarian wife will help you enjoy fatherhood to the max.
  • She will make you look forward to every home meal. Hearty and comforting home cooking is a big part of Bulgarian family culture that you will get acquainted with early into the relationship. And the number and variety of meals your wife cooks will only get bigger from there.

How to impress your Bulgarian bride on the first date?

Bulgaria wife

The first date with your future Bulgaria wife shouldn’t become a stressful event, but if you want things to work in your favor, you can definitely make some effort to make it good. These tips should help:

  1. Never show up late, but do assume that your date is going to be late. It’s going to be a nice surprise if she’s on time, but you should definitely be there in advance.
  2. Show your interest in her life and family by asking plenty of questions. Moreover, you need to remember her answers to show that you’re a good listener.
  3. Demonstrate that you value her opinion. For example, when she makes a pick from the food or drink menu, tells the waiter that you will have the same thing.
  4. Ask what she wants to do. You can easily win bonus points if you don’t just push your own idea of a date but actually go where she wants to go. You may discover that your tastes match completely or are different, and both things are okay.
  5. Don’t overdo it with drinking. Bulgarian women have an aversion to men who don’t know their limits with alcohol. Instead of doing shot after shot, you can get one glass of wine or a cocktail to last you for the whole evening.
  6. The date doesn’t end in the main location. Whether you are having dinner at a nice restaurant or watching a movie, the date should only end when you make sure your bride gets home safely instead of leaving right away.

What to discuss with Bulgarian women for marriage?

Once you decide to buy Bulgarian bride, you might be worried about your dates because it’s hard to understand what to discuss so as not to ruin the good impression of you in her eyes. To avoid awkward situations, pay attention to the following topics.

Open up about your dreams

A man who is ready to discuss his plans with a Bulgarian bride for sale automatically receives some “bonus points” from her because she loves guys who know what they want and can turn their plans into reality. She’ll definitely reciprocate, and you’ll see whether a certain Bulgarian girl truly matches your expectations.  

Bulgarian mail order brides

Talk about hobbies

Shared interests are a prerequisite to success in relationships. So, if you’re fond of, say, photography, tell your Bulgarian girls for marriage about this. It will help you find more topics to discuss and make you feel closer to each other. 

Discuss the things you have on your bucket list

All people have specific dreams they want to fulfill in the next few years, so sharing your ideas with a Bulgarian bride for sale will make her trust you. It’s a great way to prove the seriousness of your intentions and make your Bulgarian girl open up to you as well. 


Want to know even more about Bulgarian mail order brides? Take a look at this FAQ section and find out answers to the most common questions!

Can you buy a bride from Bulgaria online?

Yes you can. It is legal, effective, and simple. There are a few dating sites that can help you achieve exactly what you need, some of them are mentioned at the beginning of the article.

What kind of men do Bulgarian brides seek?

Most of them just want to be with a family-oriented and responsible guy who can provide for the family. These girls are not demanding and don’t have unreal expectations.

How long does it take to find and order a bride online?

It all depends on what kind of bride you seek and how much money you are willing to spend. In general, you can find a suitable girl in a few minutes. But finding a girl that is perfect for you can take days, weeks, or even months.

How much does it cost to find and marry a Bulgarian woman?

Different sites have different prices for online communication. On average, you can expect to have a great online dating experience for less than $100 per month.

Do you need to know Bulgarian to chat with girls from this country?

No, all communication is done in English. And while some girls may not be as fluent as you wish, you will understand them.

Can you really buy a future Bulgarian wife and is it legal?​

Typically, buying a Bulgaria girl for marriage means finding her on a dating site, chatting online (which usually requires money), and then meeting in real life. So yes, Bulgarian mail order brides are real and legal.

Why will you never regret finding a Bulgaria girl for marriage?​

Marrying a Bulgarian girl can bring numerous benefits. Bulgarian brides often bring qualities like warmth, loyalty, intelligence, and a strong sense of family to a relationship. Their cultural heritage and values can enrich your life, and their dedication to building a loving and harmonious partnership can lead to a fulfilling and lasting marriage.

Barrett Connell
I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
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