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There are countless Western guys who are downright obsessed with ​​Asian women, but all of them eventually face the dilemma: where to meet an Asian girl when you live half the world away? Online dating services with international girls were designed as an answer to this dilemma, and EasternHoneys is one of the most popular ones in its segment. Does it work? You bet!

Total Score of EasternHoneys
Our Rating
92% Overall score
Total sum (max 60):55
Ease of use
9 of 10
Customer service
9 of 10
Quality and profiles
10 of 10
Safety and antiscam
10 of 10
Success rate
9 of 10
Ease of meeting
8 of 10
EasternHoneys Pros
  • Big and active female audience
  • Only validated female profiles
  • Wide range of communication tools
  • No recurring membership fee
  • Solid reputation among users
EasternHoneys Cons
  • No mobile app to download
  • Money needed to chat to women
So what is EasternHoneys, what can you do there, and is it worth your time and money? We will answer these questions and more with our Eastern Honeys review.

What is EasternHoneys?

Have you ever wanted to build relationships with hot Asian women? The Eastern Honey dating site is a perfect place to start. This is an online platform that offers the best profiles of attractive Asian females from various countries. You register at the EasternHoneys legit website, purchase the credits to communicate with girls online, and find your desired love.

How does EasternHoneys website work?

This EasternHoneys review is going to open up the main characteristics of the website. Like any other dating platform, it has its ups and downs. 

Before learning about the general features of Eastern honeys.com, you need to realize that most ladies online yearn to meet serious partners. They are not interested in dating that goes nowhere. Many Eastern Honeys reviews include men who register at the platform and eventually meet their future spouses. 

Your dating journey starts when you register on the website by filling out the essential information about yourself. Later after the EasternHoneys sign up you move to the stage of a profile creation. This is the part where you indicate your real intentions on the platform without exaggerations. 

Please note, that high-quality recent photos have a big chance to allure more girls online. You then start searching for females via the special advanced search. In order to contact a woman, you’ll need to purchase packages with credits. 

As a complimentary, you get the first 20 credits for free after the registration. You can abruptly spend them on any communication tool. The more active you stay the more chances you have to find the perfect partner the Asian honey app. You can also ask the lady out on a real date where you have a chance to see and hear each other in person. 

You can either move on and get married or if nothing works out keep searching for the perfect partner online. 

How to sign up for EasternHoneys: A step-by-step guide

The Eastern Honey sign up procedure begins like with most other dating sites. You need to fill out a short registration form, where you will be asked about your name, date of birth, gender and will have to specify your email address and password.

Eastern Honeys log in sign up

However, the process doesn’t stop there. In an effort to get you to share as much information as possible about yourself and help you find your perfect match, EasternHoneys will make you answer a few more questions. These will concern your own personality and dating experience, as well as the kind of women you want to meet and the type of relationship you want.

The final step of the process is uploading a photo—there is an option to do it later, but if you take your adventure seriously and want to be discovered by the right women, it’s definitely worth spending an extra minute on choosing and uploading a pic. That’s it: you can now use your EasternHoneys login and password to sign into the site from any device and meet its charming women.

Eastern Honeys Registration

Key features of Eastern Honeys to know about

Once you sign up for the EasternHoneys dating service and fill out your personal page, you are ready to begin communicating with beautiful Asian women. Here is how you can do it:

  • Send a letter and attach photos or videos to it
  • Start a text chat and also send videos or photos via chat
  • Spice up your communication with a chat sticker or a virtual gift
  • Send a special gift or a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to the lady
  • Set up a date in real life

The women of Eastern Honeys and how to find them

women of Eastern Honeys

So who can you meet on the Eastern Honeys dating site? You can get a pretty good idea about the site’s audience from its name and from its visual components. This is a site where you can primarily meet girls from Asian countries, including China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and others.

Most of the girls have “not married” or “divorced” as their marital status, and some have kids from previous relationships. EasternHoneys does not promise anything like a serious relationship or marriage, but judging by a few success stories we’ve encountered on the internet, the site is mostly tailored to long-term dating and marriage opportunities. But if you’re simply in the mood for an exciting chat, you can do that as well.

There are several ways to discover the women of Eastern Honeys. First, you can try the search feature, which allows you to filter the members by their age, online status, location, religious views, marital situation, number of children, and even smoking and drinking habits.

There are several ways to discover the women of Eastern Honeys. First, you can try the search feature, which allows you to filter the members by their age, online status, location, religious views, marital situation, number of children, and even smoking and drinking habits.

Eastern Honeys dating site

Next, you can check out the People feature, which works similarly to a dating app. You will be displayed 20 random female profiles, and you will have an option to like them, skip them, chat with them, or open the full profile to know more.

options on EasternHoneys

Finally, if you want to meet interesting individuals, you should pay attention to the site notifications. There you will see suggestions of new female profiles to check out, and one of them may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The cost of using Eastern Honeys

Unlike many other sites in this dating niche, EasternHoneys does not have a standard monthly membership fee that you need to pay no matter whether you’re using the site or not. Here, you only pay for the features you are actually using with the help of credits, which are sold in credit packages. You will get 20 EasternHoneys free credits when you create your account. When you run out of those, you can purchase credits in the following packages:

First credits

Calculate how much your future girlfriend will cost on EasternHoneys

I originally came from...
I am searching for a life-long woman from...
I'm going to chat on the site with a bride for... month
I'm prepared to spend money on flowers and gifts for my mail-order bride...
I'm planning to visit my fiancée's homeland...
I also wanted to attach a K1 visa fee

The cost of each feature is listed on the payment page. For example, live chat will cost you 2 credits per minute, sending a chat sticker is 5 credits, and sending letters to Asian girls costs 10 credits for the first one and 30 credits for each subsequent one.

This is a site where you can browse for free for as long as you want, but free communication tools are significantly limited. The free features offered by the site include:

Free features
  • Profile browsing
  • Viewing high-quality photos
  • Watching streams
  • Sending winks
  • Sending likes

For everything else, you need to pay using credits. The paid options on Eastern Honeys include:

Free features
  • Chatting
  • Sending letters
  • Sending photos and videos
  • Real and virtual gifts
  • Setting up a date

EasyernHoneys free credits       

New members of EasternHoney.com receive a welcome present from the creators — the complimentary 20 credits. Tons of Eastern Honeys website reviews are loaded with positive remarks about this online gift for singles. 

The 20 EsternHoneys credits come automatically after registration. You can spend them on any communication tool you choose. Later, you’ll need to buy more credits because 20 credits will not be enough to enjoy a full conversation with a woman online. Free credits are given to users just to let them get used to the platform and not wait for the message from another user but act instead. 

Remember, if you act on the platform you gain more chances to impress an Asian woman and attract her attention. 

Only active users on Eastenhoneys find their true love online. Don’t wait but act because your dating life is in your hands. 

Is Honey dating site legit and real?

Is EasternHoneys legit? You register at Eastern Honey.com, find a compatible Asian woman, and spend money only on communication. She falls in love with you and later you meet in person to put your relationship on a top level. Sounds too good to be true? Well, in reality, it is true because Easternhoneys dating site is a legit place to meet, interact and amaze stunning women online. 

This is also the place where singles meet and create families together. The website is legit because it has customer care, a great number of Honey dating app reviews, a transparent monetary policy, and an ID verification. There are indicators of a trustworthy platform. The website is real since the profile verification allows you to ensure you’re interacting with a girl from the photo. 

Is Eastern Honeys a legit website? The practice, reviews, and growth of the website show that this is a great spot for people who desire to find love online on the other side of the world.

Success stories        

There are many success stories on the EasterHoney dating site. Not all of them end with marriage but it still gives you hope that you can find your true love on the other side of the world online. 

Damon, 29, USA

I felt chills but good ones. Shia took my breath away instantly. I met her on the Easter Honeys and realized she would be the perfect wife and mother. I wanted a big family and Shia was raised in a big family. I went to Japan to meet her friends and family and now we are happily married and decided to spend our life here, in her hometown. 

Jack, 48, Canada

“How does Eastern Honeys work?” — was my first question when I was looking for the EasternHoneys reviews. I got the hang of it fast and was amazed to see so many real profiles of truly wonderful Asian girls. 5 girls wrote to me on the first day. It was bananas, not scared of my age. I’m not actively interacting with one girl from China. 

Lukas, 38, Canada

This is the best platform to meet and find the perfect Asian woman online. This AsianHoneys platform is packed with hundreds of attractive profiles. You can find a woman to your taste. I always used the search filters and was lucky to have met Aira — a gentle girl from Thailand. She’s good at massages and she invited me to Thailand on the second week of our interaction. I couldn’t say no to this and prepared a whole date with her. Actually the set of 14 dates. 

You can meet your love online on Eastern Honeys.com and invite women on a real date. This will raise the chances to find the perfect match and build serious relationships.

Asian Honeys log in 

Eastern Honeys login starts with the registration. You fill out your basic information and verify your email. You can abruptly verify your personality. This is a good idea because women trust verified profiles more. 

Later, you create an engaging profile and receive 20 free credits. You start searching for an Asian female online, find the compatible match and spend 20 complimentary credits on the interaction with a woman online. There are many communication tools you can take advantage of but most men choose simple texting at first. Later, you can move to audio calls or send videos.

EaternHoneys photos and profiles       

The profiles on the Eastern Honeys app are mostly verified. Women usually upload from 4 to 6 photos. You can check out only a profile picture for free and need to pay if you want to see more. 

Make sure you’re sending a message to a verified profile. This can eliminate your chances to get scammed by the scammer or catfished by a catfisher.

EasternHoneys dating site reviews       

There are countless EasternHoneys.com reviews you might enjoy when searching for info about the platform. Some of them are negative, and some — positive. It depends on the person, of course. 

Reviews help people understand what to pay attention to, what to avoid, and how to make the usage of the Eastern Honey app worth it. 

We have concluded the top Estern Honeys reviews that will shed light on the basic points and help you understand the platform a little bit more: 

Jeremy, 39

“I’ve been a member of three dating platforms but EasternHoneys was a truly good place. At first, I loved the questions during the registration. It feels like this honey dating website gathered some information about my interests to match me with the right woman. And it worked. The algorithms matched me with the ladies whose interests were similar to mine”.

Stewart, 47

“I liked the reasonable prices. I do understand that paying for the communication it’s a good idea but high prices are something I decided to avoid. Well, here I had a chance to interact with marvelous women for good prices. Plus, they were so nice to me that I had no problem spending more because it’s totally worth it.”

EsternHoney app        

EasternHoneys is a website that for now has not a mobile app. This might be a bummer for certain users but overall it doesn’t affect the number of new clients. The thing is you can scroll through the website freely via online browsing.

How to avoid getting scammed when you’re using the site?

Wondering is it legal to date overseas girls? It sure it! But what about the safety of your dating journey?

Generally speaking, EasternHoneys.com is a site where you can expect a safe online dating experience. Only registered users can communicate there, you need to confirm your registration via email, and the absolute majority of the female profiles are validated, meaning the woman supplied some form of ID to verify that they are a genuine person. This eliminates the risk of encountering any EasternHoneys fake profiles.

Still, when dating online, you should always exercise standard precautionary measures to avoid getting scammed, even when the site looks perfectly safe. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to the dating red flags, such as the woman refusing to show her face and send more photos, her constant attempts to get you to send her money, and her reluctance to meet you in person even after plenty of communication. 

Whenever you spot any suspicious behavior, don’t hesitate to report it to the site administrators and block the profile from contacting you. That way, you will personally contribute to a safer dating environment for everyone.

EasterHoneys chat online  

You can chat online on the EasterHoneys platform with different kinds of women. However, in order to confabulate with them you’ll need to buy the RasternHoneys credits. There are various packages of credits you can afford. After the purchase, you can spend money on such paid services as:

  1. Live chat — this gives you a chance to speak to each other and share emotions via videos. 
  2. Mails — longer emails (up to 3,000 characters)
  3. Sending gifts (delivery is included) — you can choose any present you’d like to impress your lady with. 
  4. Sending meeting/contact request. This is the most essential part of your relationships with females. You can ask a woman out on a real date. 
  5. Attaching photos and videos in live chat and mails.
  6. Watching profile videos — most profiles include videos but you can watch them only for a certain amount of credits. 

EasternHoneys customer service

People who believe in Eastern Honeys scam “theory” abruptly stop believing in it when they stumble upon responsive customer care. Every reputable dating site needs to have customer service because it helps new users with registration or can even block suspicious profiles. Customer care negatively treats scammers or catfishers and eliminates them from the website fast. Customer care is responsive but due to a high amount of questions, your answer can be ready within one to two days. If you have trouble with users or payment customer care will assist you with the best solution.

Unique features of Eastern Honeys

Without a doubt, EasternHoneys.com is not the only site where you can meet Asian girls, and it’s definitely not the only site where you can exchange letters or chat with them. So what makes it stand out? Here are the three features that impressed us the most:

  • Request contacts. After you spend 3,000 credits on communication with one of the female members of the site, you can request her contact information for free and take your communication to another messenger or app.
  • Streams. The video streams feature offered by the Eastern Honeys website bridges the gap between two individuals and allows you to watch beautiful Asian women in motion while chatting to them in real time.
  • Newsfeed. This is a feature that adds a social media aspect to EasternHoneys and allows you to know more about the women before contacting them, including what they do in their free time and what their hopes and dreams are.
is Eastern Honeys legit
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To sum up

The Eastern Honeys website has everything it takes to become your favorite online dating destination. In addition to an appealing design and strong security features, it has a big and active audience of single Asian women, and that’s exactly what promises you a positive result. So if you can see yourself dating a beautiful Asian girl, EasternHoneys is definitely a site to check out.


Is Eastern Honeys legit website?

Yes, absolutely! This is a legit online dating platform with a strong reputation earned over the years. All profiles on the site are verified, so you can feel extra confident.

Who can you meet on this site?

This is a site where you can meet real women from Asian countries for a real-life date, serious relationships, or a fun online flirting session.

Can you use the site for free?

Signing up for the site and browsing the profiles doesn’t cost anything, but online communication does cost money. The good news is that there is no mandatory membership fee and you pay only for the features you use.

How to get free credits on EasternHoneys?

As you know, new users get 20 complimentary credits after registration. This is simple. When you register and set up a compelling profile, you’ll click on the button to receive credits and feel free to use them on any communication. Be aware that 20 credits it’s not enough for building a long communication with a woman.

How much does EasterHoneys cost?

The general cost of the EasterHoneys website depends on how actively you’re using the website. Since the cost for the credits starts at $9.99 per 20 and $149.99 per 750, on average, a foreign male spends about $100–$200 on communication per month. This is excluding presents.

Is Eastern Honeys a scam?

EasternHoneys scam or not? Well, the second is right because this is a trustworthy platform that offers effective dating tools to build long-lasting relationships with women online. Due to a large number of reviews, transparent monetary policy, and ID verification, you can be sure to have a safe stay at EasternHoneys. Plus, customer care tries to get rid of scammers immediately. 

Is there an EasternHoneys app?

No, there is no app you can download to your mobile device. However, like AsianMelodies, Eastern Honeys has a fully functional mobile version that has all the features you see in the main desktop version.

How to contact the site’s customer support?

If you have questions about using the website, you can first check the FAQ section, which explains many important aspects of using the site. In case you still have questions after that, you can contact customer support via email.

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