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With Italian mail order brides, you will be in heaven. The smoldering Mediterranean look is going to leave you under the impression that you are dating a goddess. How do you contact Italian mail order wives so you can chat for hours? You can use our guide, designed by the team of dating professionals and curated by me, Barrett Connell, to give you all the information you need.

💘 Success rate88%
🇮🇹 % of men who choose Italian girls65%
👧 Average women’s age26
👍 Dating sites they recommend SofiaDate
✅ Is it legit?Yes
❓Why Italian bride?Hot, passionate, talkative, and ambitious

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Italian mail order brides are the sweetest in the world. Once you get to know them, you will fall under their spell.

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How to find Italian mail order wives and why are they worth your attention?

Once you buy a bride from Italy, it’s like winning the lottery. They are romantic and passionate; they also adore spontaneous dates and surprises, so your relationships will never turn into a routine because they’ll always be full of various emotions. Let’ take a look at some of the most significant reasons that make men confident about their decision to meet foreign mail order brides from Italy.

Italian mail order wives

They adore their families

It’s not a secret that when you’re dating an Italian reputable mail order bride, you’re dating her whole family. The thing is that Italians have good relationships between family members and they share everything with each other. So, when you meet Italian international mail order brides, be ready that your lover’s family will know everything about you.

Italian women are fashionable

It’s all about looking good and dressing to the nines when it comes to Italian mail order brides. They spend hours when they go shopping and need a lot of time to get dressed. However, you shouldn’t be worried that an Italian mail order bride will ask you to give her money for all these outfits because she makes enough money to pay for everything herself.

Local ladies are strong-willed and know their worth

When you visit any Italian girl dating site, you’ll be impressed by the energy of local girls that can be noticed even in the photos. These ladies are gorgeous and have amazing personality traits, meaning they want to see strong and reliable men by their side. They won’t fall for you if you’re an average man who thinks that one compliment is enough.

In contrast, they want to see your genuine interest in getting to know them better. Also, Italian mail order brides won’t be dependent on a man and his bank account. They’re taught to take responsibility for themselves on their own, so don’t be surprised if your lover has some kind of business.

They’ll impress you with their appetite

Pizza and pasta won’t fail to impress everyone, and Italian mail order brides adore food and everything related to it. They spend hours in their favorite restaurants, enjoying delicious meals.

However, the impressive thing is that no matter how much pasta your Italian mail order bride eats every week, she’ll manage to stay fit and have an amazing body. This trait of Italian mail order women makes other females jealous, but you’ll adore it.

Italian mail order women are passionate

You will see a whole range of emotions that change several times in an hour, and that’s what impresses men about Italian foreign mail order brides. These European women stand out among other female representatives of this region thanks to their genuine emotions.

Italian foreign mail order brides

What are the peculiarities of Italian mail order wives?

It’s not surprising that mail order brides Italian boast a bunch of unique features that aren’t common among other nationalities. It’s the local culture that makes Italian girls unique and gives them special traits that aren’t common anywhere else in the world. Some of their best traits include the following:

  1. Hospitality. If you like having small gatherings with friends, you’ll change your perception of this event once you order a bride online from Italy. Your Italian lover will turn usual meetings with friends into fun parties with lots of laughing and amazing moments.
  2. Positivity. Something went wrong, and now it’s hard to follow your initial plan? Don’t worry because Italian beautiful foreign brides know how to fix everything in a couple of moments.
  3. Sociability. Finding common ground with other people and chatting with them like with old friends after knowing each other for half an hour is a fascinating talent of Italian overseas brides.
  4. Orderliness. Italian international dating will help you become a more neat and organized person because local women prefer it when they have a clear plan and when all the things in the house are in their places.

Also, if you are wondering about how to buy a mail order bride, keep in mind that you can find them on the Italian women dating site. Such platforms are great because they don’t require much effort from you.

How beautiful are Italian women for marriage?

Women from Italy are beautiful and passionate. Girls from this country know how to drive a man crazy just with a single glimpse. Indeed, many men are obsessed with Italian brides because they look so hot and desirable. Italian mail order wives know how to look beautiful. A perfect combination of elegance, sexiness, and raw passion is why Italian women are believed to be so attractive. Monica Bellucci, Sophia Loren, Isabella Rossellini, Melissa Satta, and many more women can compete for the title of the most beautiful woman on the planet. Italian beauty is unique. Girls from this country are expressive and emotional, but their appearance is not vulgar and in-your-face. 

Italian brides online in 2024

Let’s take a look at what a typical Italian woman looks like. Girls from this country are known to have an intense gaze, olive skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. High cheekbones, a small or Roman nose, long hair, and soft lips are considered beautiful in Italy. Most brides you will find are going to be rather tall, slim, and elegant. 

What is the character of an Italy girl for marriage?

Finding an Italy girl for marriage is not difficult, but it can get challenging to build a serious relationship with her. You need to be ready for lots of emotions with your woman. Italian brides are known to be temperamental and expressive. So, you should expect your bride to demand a lot of attention. You have to show her that she is the most important person in your life. Emotions play an essential role in the lives of Italian women for marriage, so you need to be aware of that as well.

Italian mail order brides are very communicative and friendly. Honesty is one of their main qualities, so you can be sure that your wife will tell you everything as it is. Sometimes, it can be even too much of that honesty. Nevertheless, being with an Italy girl for marriage is great because she is a fun, easy-going, and cheerful woman who values family above everything else. So, marrying a woman from Italy means finding a lady who will always be there for you!

Why do Italian brides seek a husband online?

Some girls just don’t want to marry local guys. Italian men, just like many Latin guys, can be rather rude, disrespectful, and arrogant with their women. So, many ladies who want to find serious and harmonious relationships use mail order bride websites to find a suitable and wonderful guy.

Lots of girls also look for foreign husbands because they know that Western men are kind, responsible, respectful, and caring. Also, living in the United States is a dream of thousands of young and beautiful Italian women for marriage.

Is it hard to be in relationships with an Italian mail order wife for a Western man?

Italian international brides dating is an amazing experience, which brings a lot of new emotions and feelings you might have never experienced before. However, Italian girls might seem too perfect to get them, and men are often worried about that. We can assure you that it’s pretty possible to get an Italian mail order bride if you consider the following tips:

Italian mail order women
  • Be proactive. Any Italian reputable mail order bride would want to have a man who isn’t afraid of taking the first steps and showing his feelings. So, you shouldn’t wait for the signs from her, but make her know about what you think about your connection first. Italian mail order wives are quite a catch, so other men might be chatting with her while you are hesitating.
  • Be romantic. Although some men might consider courtship slightly outdated, Italian mail order wives don’t think so. They adore romantic gestures and well-behaved men who never forget about holding the doors for their loved ones and asking about their wellbeing.
  • Be involved. Italian international mail order brides talk a lot because they know that you’re a person who always listens to them. However, listening and nodding your head isn’t enough; try to be more engaged in the conversation, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

As soon as you find mail order bride Italian, your life will become brighter. This woman will make it more exciting by spreading her positive vibes and making your soul filled with the feeling of love!

What kind of wife an Italian girl is going to be?

In this section, we will tell you what to expect from finding an Italian mail order wife. Take a look before you start seeking a bride from this country, as it will help you build healthy expectations and understand what kind of girls live in Italy!

What to expect from family life with an Italian woman?

Italian women for marriage respect and value family principles and norms. Although most modern Italian brides don’t have special traditions or rituals, family is essential to them. In particular, girls from this country have a unique bond with their parents and grandparents. Marrying a bride from Italy will mean finding a lot of new relatives who will take you as their own!

How will your Italian wife treat you?

Italian women for marriage

She will treat you with respect and honor as long as you do the same. These women don’t adore their men or praise them like Gods. A man has to be responsible and confident to be with an Italian woman, and if you can show these qualities, your woman will make you the happiest man on the planet. But be ready to have a woman who will demand a lot from you!

Communication with your friends and family

Italian women are rather sociable and don’t find it challenging to communicate with their husbands’ families and friends. It can take some time before your wife can find the right approach, but you can be sure that there shouldn’t be any problems.

Will an Italy girl for marriage be a good wife?

Italian wives are known to be skillful, hard-working, and dedicated. Whether your wife will be a housewife or pursue educational or professional goals, you can be sure that she will be a perfect wife and mother. However, she will delegate some responsibilities to you. So, don’t expect to find an Italy girl for marriage who is humble and will do everything as you say.

How to impress Italian women for marriage online?

Italian wife online

Italian women love romantic gestures, so the best way to impress an Italian mail order bride is to do something romantic. It could be as simple as sending a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers or something more grandeur like organizing a trip to her favorite place in the world. Being confident, respectful, and attentive will make a positive impression on your bride. You can also learn a few phrases and words in Italian and try to communicate with your wife. This will undoubtedly make a great impression on your wife, whether online or offline!

What topics should be you choose with an Italian bride?

Communication with Italian women for marriage shouldn’t be a problem since these girls are very sociable and communicative. Still, you may face some difficulties that we want you to avoid. So, here are things that you can talk about with your bride:

  1. Her family and relatives. Italian women love talking about their families.
  2. Your bride’s goals and dreams. Italian girls also like talking about themselves. A lot!
  3. Anything about Italy. It doesn’t matter whether your bride shares some interesting facts or complains about everything that is going on in Italy. If she does this with passion, you are doing everything correctly!

And here are a few topics that you should never discuss with an Italian mail order wife:

  1. Politics and religion. Although Italian women will have plenty of things to say about that, you don’t want to turn your date into a heated debate.
  2. Your past relationships. If you say something about your ex-girlfriends, an Italian bride may think you still have feelings for her.

Just avoid these topics, and your relationship with a charming Italian bride will be perfect!

Why are Western men so attracted to Italian brides? — Real-life stories

Mark and Stefani

I was skeptical about dating sites and didn’t expect to meet my soulmate there. However, I want to marry a Italian girl, so I decided to take a risk. I started communicating with several girls. All of them were pleasant, communicative, and really hot. But Stefani awakened a special feeling in me. Now I believe in love and long-distance relationships because online dating really works. I am happy to have such a reliable partner by my side. Also, this is just a stereotype that Italian wives are too demanding. Stefani is understanding and I am lucky to share every single day with her. 

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Chase and Aurora

If somebody told me that I would marry a girl I had met online, I wouldn’t believe it. But it happened, and I am more than happy I met Aurora online. I am from California, and local girls don’t meet my dating goals. I was looking for someone serious and family-oriented. That is why I decided to get involved in International dating. All the Italian girls for marriage I met online are really great, but one of them changed my life drastically. She showed me the vibrancy and diversity of romantic affairs and infused my life with passion and love. I recommend dating sites for those who want to build relationships with girls internationally. It is really worth it. 

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How much does an Italian girl looking for marriage cost? 

No less essential factor to consider before plunging into the international dating world is the cost for Italian women for marriage. If you take your dating journey seriously, most likely, you will need to pay for the dating services and have additional expenses. Even though the price for each Italian girl for marriage may vary, study the list of average prices for your romantic ventures. 

  • Communication features on dating sites — $100–$200 per month
  • Advanced features such as gifts, video conversations, etc. — $150 per month
  • Round trip to Rome — $900
  • Accommodation in Rome — $600–$1,000 per week
  • Food, entertainment — $1,500 per week
  • Transportation services — $200–$300
  • Fiance visa for your mail order Italian bride — $2,000
  • Flight tickets for your future spouse — $500–$700
  • Wedding — $10,000

Pros and cons of dating an Italian woman for marriage 

Building a rapport with hot Italian girls for marriage has its upsides and downsides. Learn all of them to better understand whether these ladies match you.

  • Italian ladies for marriage are stunningly hot. They have appealing physical features and exceptional style. 
  • Women from Italy are well-educated and broad-minded. You will always have what to talk about with your spouse. 
  • Italian brides want to open new horizons in life, so your partner will gladly move to your country to start a new life.
  • Not all Italian mail brides speak English fluently. However, these girls are very determined, so they study the language quickly. 
  • Italian girls for marriage are more expensive compared to other European brides due to the high level of life in the country. 

The concept of mail order bride in Italy doesn’t imply a real purchase of a person. This means that you pay for the services of a dedicated site and choose the woman of your interest to build a romantic connection. This is an absolutely legal process as long as you choose a reputable and trusted resource for dating. 

Another factor to consider is bringing your Italian girl for marriage to the US. 

Italian citizens are required to apply for a US visa to enter the US for visits for up to 90 days for tourism. However, if you want to marry your partner in your home country, you will need to help her apply for a Fiance visa. As soon as your future wife gets the visa, she may enter the country. Nevertheless, you will need to get married within 90 days after your Italian bride arrives in the US. 

Where to meet your future Italian girl for marriage?

If you want to find Italian girl for marriage, you will need to use the following methods to organize your romantic ventures with local girls:

  • Start your search on social media platforms. Although it is free, it may be difficult for you to find your significant other with the same life goals.
  • Visit Italy. This country is wonderful and you will certainly like its attractions and people. However, there aren’t any guarantees that you will meet your soulmate during your trip. 
  • Dating sites. If you approach a site with a good reputation, you can easily find beautiful Italian brides for marriage. Once you meet your soulmate, you can transform your romance into real dates. 

To wrap up

Are relationships with Italian mail order women worth it? Yes, they definitely are! If you’ve found an Italian soulmate, you’re a lucky one, so make sure to hold your lover closer and put effort into advancing your relationships. Make sure to check out an Italian girl dating site because these platforms offer high chances of finding the love of your life!


Is it hard to date Italian mail order brides?

Although Italian women have their peculiarities, you don’t have to think that they’re unapproachable. In contrast, they’ll give you the most pleasant emotions because relationships with these ladies can’t be compared to any other experiences.

How do I meet Italian mail order wives?

The most popular way of meeting Italian brides is via mail order brides platforms. There, you can find thousands of ladies and communicate with them until you find the one who will melt your heart right away.

How do I get an Italian mail order woman?

Give her compliments, prove your words with actions, be involved in the conversations, and put effort into developing your relationships.

Is it hard to overcome the language barrier with Italian brides?

Actually, most Italian mail order brides know English and can freely express their thoughts in this language.

Do Italian mail order women like American men?

Western men are ideal partners for Italian women because they often share their views and have similar strivings. Besides, the relationships between Italian and American men will combine all the best features of their cultures.

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