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Indonesian mail order brides have something in their romantic arsenal to leave male representatives in awe. Complete the quiz to find out which type of girl will suit you best.ย 

Being the largest island nation in the world, Indonesia is not only heavily populated and developed but also a popular travel destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. For many tourists, the Indonesian mail order brides are the true attraction. Why do foreigners find these brides so attractive? Our mail order bride agency explored the particularities of Indonesian brides and created a guide filled with valuable tips on creating relationships with them.ย 

๐Ÿ’˜ Success rate95%
๐Ÿ‘ Recommended dating sites SakuraDate
๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ด % of men who choose Indonesian girls39%
๐Ÿ‘ง Average ageย 25
๐Ÿ’ณ Credit costfrom $2.99
๐Ÿ’ฐ Average cost$6000
โœ… LegalityLegalย 
โ“ Why an Indonesian bride?Compromise-friendly nature and extraordinary appealย 

What Can an Indonesian Bride Give You?

An Indonesian wife will certainly change your life for the better. What can she give you?ย 

  • Your relationship will be infused with calmness and care.ย 
  • You will be amazed at the flexibility of your partner.ย 
  • No yelling bouts โ€” these ladies overcome arguments with patience.ย 
  • You will be surrounded by love and respect.ย 
  • The breathtaking appearance of your Indonesian bride will leave you in awe.ย 
Ou Yang Ting Profile image 1
Ou Yang Ting Profile image 2
Ou Yang Ting Profile image 3
Ou Yang Ting Profile image 4
Ou Yang Ting Profile image 5
Ou Yang Ting has more photos!
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Ou Yang Ting, 51
Chengdu, China
From: SakuraDate
Xiuhong Profile image 1
Xiuhong Profile image 2
Xiuhong Profile image 3
Xiuhong has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Xiuhong, 32
Shenzhen, China
From: SakuraDate
Nanta Profile image 1
Nanta Profile image 2
Nanta has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Nanta, 26
Bangkok, Thailand
From: SakuraDate
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Indonesian Mail Order Bride: Who Are They?

Would you like to get closer to Indonesian women for marriage? You will certainly need to learn more about their features, both regarding appearance and behavior.ย 

  • Physical traits

A cascade of black waves, sparkling eyes, gentle strength, and mysterious smiles โ€” this is just a glimpse of the extraordinary features Indonesian brides possess. Not to mention their slim bodies. Thanks to Asian genetics, your future spouse will look much younger than her actual age.ย 

  • Personality attributes

Indonesia brides are calm and approachable. Your partner will be rarely on edge and blow her top since they are at ease with potential issues that may happen in relationships. You will quickly get along well with your lady and can rely on her regardless of the situation. Also, unlike American women, girls from Indonesia are more family-focused, which resonates with the wishes of numerous guys.ย 

How to Find an Indonesian Mail Order Bride: 3 Simple Steps to Meet a Indonesian Bride

Want to find Indonesian wife? Check out 3 ways to achieve your dating goals and good luck in choosing the most effective one.ย 

  • Seeing whoโ€™s in your crew. Catch up with your social network and see whether you have people who may represent you to a lady from Indonesia. Who knows? Maybe this is your chance to find love.ย 
  • Visiting Indonesia. If you are courageous enough to approach strangers in public places, this is your way to go. Nevertheless, a trip abroad requires thorough preparation and a considerable budget.ย 
  • Registering on a dating site. If you want to meet a real Indonesian girl looking for marriage, this is your go-to option. Trusted platforms include databases of motivated ladies who are ready for international affairs.ย 

Want to find a reliable dating site? We handpicked the best collection of platforms with authentic profiles for you to have a first-class dating experience.ย 

6 Best Dating Sites With Indonesian Girls In 2024

Most Popular Choice 😍
Editor's choice 👍

Pros and Cons of Dating an Indonesian Mail Order Bride

  • Your Indonesia bride will always be by your side, no matter what.
  • They are open about their love. Indonesian women use a variety of expressions to show their feelings.
  • Busy bees. Rather than relying on their husbands to provide them with financial stability, they would rather work for it themselves.
  • Amazing culture. As a foreigner, discovering Indonesian food and customs is incredibly fascinating.
  • Her family could be too close to her. Due to the close-knit nature of Indonesian families, you might expect a higher level of involvement in your bond.
  • Gender roles are too traditional. While not all local women hold these notions, some do, and this can result in different expectations within a relationship.

You may have already heard about the notion of โ€œIndonesian brides for saleโ€. Nevertheless, the truth is that you canโ€™t buy a woman since the mail order bride industry has nothing in common with human trafficking. Are Indonesian brides legal? Of course, they are. Such governmental acts such as IMBRA and Hague Conference on Private International Law prove it. They protect the rights of foreign women who marry US citizens even after a possible divorce.ย 

How Much Do Indonesian Mail Order Brides Cost?

If you date a potential Indonesian bride, you will have expenses related to your online dating journey and traditional courtship. Look through the scheme to get a deeper glimpse into the matter.ย 

Communication features on dating sites$150 per month
Advanced functionality (virtual gifts, media file exchange) on dating platforms$150 per month
Total for online dating$300 per month
A round trip to Jakarta from LA$1,400
Accommodation in one of the Jakarta hotels in the center of the city$300 per one-week stay
Entertainment, food, and dining outย $600
Fiance visa for your wife$2,300
Flight tickets to the US for your spouse$800
Total for offline datingย $4,600 (considering a one-week stay in Jakarta + visa expenses)ย 

What Kind of Men Should Consider Dating Indonesian Women?ย 

Although Indonesian girls may be perfect matches for Western men, there are some specific categories of singles who will be over the moon by having such a partner by their side.ย 

  • Men who experienced failures when dating women within their proximity are looking for something new in their romantic life.ย 
  • Love-seekers who want to have a caring and beautiful lady by their sides.ย 
  • Men who are into Asian looks, slender bodies, and tiny body shapes.ย 
  • People who donโ€™t mind relationships at a distance.ย 


Are you one of those singles who are eager to meet an Indonesia bride and share your romantic aspirations with a special woman? Our agency has something for you! We explored the international dating scene and came to the conclusion that the most proven way to find your soulmate from this country is to get engaged in online dating.ย 

Guoying Profile image 1
Guoying Profile image 2
Guoying has more photos!
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Guoying, 56
Shenzhen, China
From: SakuraDate
Thanida Profile image 1
Thanida Profile image 2
Thanida has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Thanida, 23
Bangkok, Thailand
From: SakuraDate
Lu Liu Profile image 1
Lu Liu Profile image 2
Lu Liu Profile image 3
Lu Liu Profile image 4
Lu Liu Profile image 5
Lu Liu has more photos!
Do you want to watch?
Lu Liu, 43
Shanghai, China
From: SakuraDate
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How to Have Successful Bonds with an Indonesian Mail Order Bride?

Maintaining a successful relationship with your Indonesian mail order bride requires patience, understanding, respect, and open communication. You will need to get to know her culture, encourage her goals, and accept her into your family and community. As a result, you can build healthy and fulfilling love affairs.

Is Dating Indonesian Girls Worth It?

If you are striving for a serious relationship with a caring, beautiful, and sincere lady, choosing an Indonesian mail order bride among foreign ladies is a wise decision. Your life will certainly change for the better. You just need to find the perfect match online.ย 

Are Indonesian Brides Loyal?

It is in the blood of Indonesian wives to commit to their partners and demonstrate faithfulness. If you are looking for a partner who wonโ€™t change a real connection to casual flings, you will certainly need to pay attention to Indonesian mail order brides.ย 

Barrett Connell
I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
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