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If you are looking for girls that look like porcelain dolls, along with silky hair and perfect makeup, then Korean mail order brides are just what you need. How does one get in touch with Korean mail order wives? Me, Barrett Connell, and a team of dating experts have prepared an extensive guide that will help you find your way around online dating.

💘 Success rate91%
💕 % of men who choose Korean girls57%
👍 Which dating sites do they recommend SakuraDate
👧 Average age 24
💳 Credit costFrom $2.99
💰 Average costFrom $2,100
✅ LegalityYes
❓ Why Korean bride?Smart, modern, amiable, and stylish

If you want to talk to beautiful Korean girls right now, you can always choose one of the top dating sites from our list or take a personalized quiz to find which dating platform matches your taste.

Korean mail order brides, with their youthful looks and flawless appearance, will have you living in a dream.

Korean Girls: Reputable Dating Sites 2024

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Hot Korean mail order brides: Who are they?

While obviously everyone is different, it’s safe to say that Korean mail order women have flawless beauty that makes many envy them. Their porcelain skin, feminine and slim figure is so sexy and alluring that guys seem to be crazy about them. But what makes foreign mail order brides from Korea so special besides their appearance? Let’s explore most important Korean wife characteristics their traits and values:

  1. Stylish. Women in South Korea are among the world’s trendsetters. And the beauty of their style is that it’s very different. There are almost no basic girls, and the majority of Korean ladies choose to show their personality through clothes and accessories.
  2. Intelligent. Beautiful Korean oversea brides are educated and expect you to be, too. Their smart mind and quick wit are what initially attracts guys about gorgeous Korean ladies.
  3. Romantic. South Korean women are fond of soap operas, which are called doramas. They have a significant influence on how girls in Korea see relationships. They make their perception hyper-romantic and cute. So, be ready to receive romantic notes or get cute little gifts.

These three qualities are a great addition to the smoking-hot beauty of South Koreans. It makes them stand out among other Asian brides in the region. But we mentioned only the main qualities, and there are many more amazing things about girls in Korea that you need to explore.

hot Korean mail order brides

Appearance of Korean women

Hairstyle, clothes, shoes — Koreans are focused on their appearance and try to improve it as much as possible. Koreans wear trendy haircuts and stylish clothes. It is essential for them to look fashionable and eye-catching. Many young ladies experiment with their everyday looks to stand out from the crowd.

The main difference between girls from Korea and other countries (including Asian regions) is perfect skin. In Korea, there is a real cult of beautiful porcelain skin. That is why there are so many cosmetics services, plastic surgery clinics, and beauty salons. The trend for porcelain skin is rooted in the history of the country when only aristocrats had fair skin. Ordinary residents worked in the fields, where they sunbathed heavily and acquired micro-inflammations of the skin from dirt. The skin of local beauties should be clean not only from sunburn and imperfections but also from tattoos. 

Korean wife online in 2024

According to statistics, 80% of Korean women under the age of 35 have undergone eyelid surgery. By nature, Korean women do not have a fold near their eyelids. That is why they do surgery to widen the eyes by tearing the inner fold of the eye. Thus, Korean ladies comply with the canons of beauty and look younger. Those women who are afraid of plastic surgery use double-sided stickers and glue to make a double fold in their eyelids.

Asian women are naturally skinny. They are short and have slender shapes. Koreans also do not like muscle-bound bodies. They prefer teen-like thin shapes without prominent muscles. Therefore, local women prefer yoga and stretching to the gym.

Beauty of South Korean mail order brides

Beauty is one of the most common reasons why so many Western men are obsessed with Korean mail order brides. Indeed, many guys want to find Korean wife just because she looks so damn fine. Korean women for marriage know what to do to look phenomenally. In general, Asian women are spectacularly beautiful, but when it comes to Korean girls for sell, it is paramount to mention a few tricks that most girls from this country have.

First, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are vastly popular in South Korea. It is very common for young Korean girls for marriage to fix anything they want and look perfect. However, it is also essential to note that the quality of the South Korean plastic surgery industry is so high that you won’t even understand that a girl has had a few surgeries. In other words, foreign brides in Korea look very natural and genuine, even though most had some surgeries.

Korean women for marriage

Beauty standards in Korea are a big deal. Korean beauty standards push for an overall innocent look: small face, big eyes, and slim body, to recreate that youthful look. Compared to Western beauty standards, Koreans, in general, tend to pursue cuter and feminine looks, at least when it comes to faces. So, you can expect to find a lot of slim, cute, and petite girls with symmetrical facial features, small noses, mesmerizing eyes, and beautiful smiles.

Personality traits of South Korean mail order brides

If you want to meet Korean girls for marriage, you should learn their personality traits since they differ from those of Western women.

  • Korean women are proud of their country and traditions. If you’ve watched any major international sporting event, then you’ve probably noticed that Korean athletes invariably dedicate their success to their home country. The reason for this is that Koreans have had such a mindset from childhood. You will need to take a deep dive into Korean culture to better understand your spouse and make your bonds stronger.
  • Korean ladies rarely smile. If you have never been to Korea before, then don’t be surprised by the fact that the majority of locals don’t smile on the street. It doesn’t mean that they hate you! Korean ladies are known for their generosity and willingness to help, but they don’t demonstrate these traits through their facial expressions. South Korean girls for marriage look very serious and you will hardly meet a smiling girl on the street.
  • Ladies from Korea are impatient. Koreans value their time and are therefore more impatient than others. They even have a “ppalli-ppalli” (faster, faster) culture that revolves around the idea of getting things done as quickly as possible.

What character traits does a Korean wife have?

Korean mail order wives

To build a strong and happy relationship with a Korean wife, you need to know who these girls are. There are many benefits of marrying a Korean woman, and we would like to tell you about the character traits that most of these girls have.

Overly emotional

While most Asian women are not very emotional and expressive, Korean girls express their emotions freely. Although they don’t look like Hispanic girls, Korean mail order brides don’t keep it quiet. Emotions are significant for South Korean wives.

Open-minded and easy-going

It is not difficult to find common ground with a Korean wife. These girls are sociable, fun, and expressive. They have no problems communicating with foreigners offline and online, so you will have the best time with a Korea bride for sale.

Obsessed with beauty

Korean women for marriage are obsessed with beauty and how they look. Healthy eating, the latest fashion trends, cosmetic surgery, and working out all contribute to maintaining a perfect appearance.


Korean women value their time exceptionally. Everything should be done as fast as possible, which is why you won’t find a Korean bride who is late. Interestingly, this trait is not viewed as negative in Korea. 


South Korean wives love their families, and most girls want to start their own families. If you have serious intentions, finding foreign brides in Korea is going to be a great thing for you!

mail order brides from Korea

Why do Korean oversea brides make the best wives for Western men?

The popularity of international mail order brides from Korea is not an exaggeration. There is even a phenomenon in dating called “Korean Fever”. It means that supposedly, after you date a girl from South Korea, you’ll never go back to other women dating. Here is what makes Westerners find Korean mail order bride for marriage:

  • Korean women are very supportive partners and know how to motivate their men.
  • These beauties combine the good of both worlds. Women from Korea still have some traditional beliefs and combine them with modern ways to run the family.
  • Women from Korea love kids and tend to want bigger families.
  • South Korean women for marriage are masters at multitasking and know how to combine work and take care of everything about the house.

Different mentalities are not a problem of Western-Korean relationships, as South Korean beauties are very wise and know how to make it work.

❤️ Success stories with Korean girls

Brian and Eun

Brian and Eun

I probably won’t be alone in admitting that I’m basically obsessed with Korean women, but since I’ve never actually visited Korea, I’ve never met them in person either. My lucky break was when I got an email invite to an international dating site. There were so many cute women there that I even felt lost for a moment. While I was getting comfortable, Eun wrote a very funny first message, so I knew I had to respond. Our conversations have walked the line between serious and funny ever since. So when, after a few fantastic real-life dates, I proposed to her, she thought it was also a joke at first. But I was super serious and motivated, so the whole thing happened very quickly, and I’m now happily married to her.

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Derrick and Gyeong

Until last year, I would sometimes imagine what it would be like — to have a Korean wife, but I’ve never actually thought it could be possible unless I was willing to move to Korea permanently. But then one of my friends suddenly got married to a lovely girl from another Asian country and showed me the dating site that brought them together. I signed up and messaged a few girls, but the connection just wasn’t there. This is where the site’s matching system suggested Gyeong’s profile. Her beauty and the things she wrote about herself instantly resonated with me. In a nutshell, our love has been going strong for over a year, and we are waiting for her K-1 visa to be granted to her so that she could move to the US.

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Eric and Iseul

Being an admirer of Korean women for 10+ years, but not having the opportunity to move to Korea to date them left just one option for me: online dating. I know that many guys are currently in the same situation as I am. And I can say with confidence that it does work! Before I joined this dating service, I was a single guy in his 40s with a dream of having a Korean wife. Two years after that, I am still in my 40s but no longer single. In fact, I am married to my dream girl, and I’m ecstatic that she feels the same way about me.

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Why do Korean wives want to find men on mail order bride websites?

Plenty of women just want to live in a different country, and since Western countries are very progressive and developed, a lot of brides look for a husband there. Besides, many brides know that life in the United States is simpler and less stressful. Most of the time, Korean wives seek loving and serious relationships not because they cannot find true love where they live, but for some other reasons. And the desire to change the situation is one of them. 

Where should I look for sexy Korean mail order wives?

If you wonder: “How to find a Korean wife?” or “Where to get a Korean mail order bride?” – it’s actually easier than you think. With lots of traveling ways and technologies, love can have no borders. So, to buy a Korean bride, you can either travel to South Korea or you can pick a trustworthy dating site.

Traveling to South Korea

South Korea combines ancient and modern architecture with picturesque natural landscapes. The country can boast beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent ancient monuments, Buddhist monasteries, and pagodas, which are definitely worth seeing. If you travel to the country to look for a reputable Korean mail order bride, you can combine ‘business with pleasure’. However, note that for such a love search, you’ll need to be ready to put off work and do good research to learn where to look for singles, otherwise you’ll be just scattering around the city in the hope to find someone.

Joining a trustworthy Asian dating site

Online dating through specialized dating sites allows you to connect to many gorgeous singles and find a Korean mail order bride you dream of. You can order a Korean bride online even if you have no experience, as online dating is easy, effective, and fun. Moreover, it’s very trendy in South Korea, so you’ll have a lot of gorgeous ladies to choose from. But if you are wondering how to buy a Korean mail order bride and choose to look online, note that some women are into facetuning. But thankfully there are video conversations or just attaching videos to letters, to help you be sure that the Korean girl for marriage is as beautiful as you think. A minority of ladies do it, and if you choose a reliable dating site, you can also stay safe from it.

order a Korean bride online

How to start messaging with Korean women for marriage?

Foreign brides in Korea are approachable and open-hearted. However, it is still advisable to showcase creativity while starting a conversation with these exotic beauties. First off, it is advisable to avoid standard phrases. You can answer unusual questions such as:

  • Do you do what you like?
  • Tell me one word that describes you.
  • Conversations or actions?

Using an extraordinary approach in your communication will help you drive a North Korean mail order bride and make her interested in your personality. 

Korean ladies are open to many topics, though they are rather conservative. That is why it is better to avoid too intimate conversations at the beginning of your relationship. Like any woman, Korean girls like attention. So, demonstrate your interest in asking questions and supporting your conversations.

How to date beautiful foreign brides from Korea?

While every Korean woman is different, there are still common dating expectations that allow the utilization of similar dating techniques. We prepared some Korean international dating effective tips to help you be far ahead of the game!

  • Be ready to be seen as a player. Many Korean beauties think that if you’re a foreigner, you’re an instant playboy. And the process of getting the trust is slow but sure.
  • Pay for the date. For decades, the norm of Korean international brides dating has been the guy paying for socializing on dates. While Korean dating culture evolves with Western influence, the men are still expected to pay for dinner. But your girl will often offer to pay for coffee or will spend on you in some other way.
  • Get used to taking a lot of photos for social media. Posting everything to socials is a norm of Korean dating culture. So, be ready to compete with everyone constantly as the power of social media seems to pick up in the country. Keeping social media presence and following that picture-perfect image is a modern norm, so don’t be surprised as all your presents will be posted to Instagram.

These are only a few things that are interesting about dating a gorgeous Korean lady. Explore the culture to know what to expect and know how to react to cultural differences.

Korean mail order wife

How to make a good impression on South Korean wives?

Girls from Korea love men who are intelligent and broad-minded. If you want to impress your lady, you need to show her that she won’t be bored with you. You can also impress her by telling her your goals and expectations. A man who knows what he wants to achieve is highly desirable in Korean culture.

Don’t try too much to impress your woman. Your communication shouldn’t be focused on making a positive impression. Be casual, fun, and relaxed.

What to talk about with Korean women for marriage?

If you want to know how to get a Korean wife, you first need to know what to talk about with her. Don’t talk about politics or religion. Choose some sophisticated topics. If you want to select the best subject, just review your bride’s profile page and talk about things that she likes.

  • Ask your woman about her family and childhood.
  • Talk about hobbies or work.
  • Share your favorite music, movies, or books with each other.
  • Tell her about your food and drink preferences and ask her for the same. 

The more you learn about her, the better your relationships will be.

How will your life change after marrying a Korean woman? 

As soon as you find out how to get a Korean wife and marry your soulmate, you will probably wonder how your life will change after the wedding. First off, you should be ready that cultural differences may result in some kind of misunderstanding and even conflicts. Nevertheless, Korean brides for marriage are obedient to their husbands and always ready for compromises. Also, be ready that the following aspects of your life will change after marrying a woman from Korea:

Korean woman for sale
  • You will spend more time with your wife rather than friends. It is natural that you want to better know each other and experience more romantic evenings.
  • Your intimate life will drastically improve. Korean women are more open while being in a marriage, which will make your nights more naughty and exciting. 
  • You will save more money. Marriage means additional expenses and buying new important things for your house. Korean women use money carefully and not wastefully, so be ready for big purchases. 
  • You will become more active. Korean women are always busy with something. Moreover, they prefer an active way of life and usually encourage their husbands in their activities. Most likely, you will often go hiking or jogging and integrate physical activity into your everyday routine. 

What kind of wife are foreign brides in Korea going to be?

You now know a lot of benefits of marrying a Korean woman. However, we want to offer you more information about what it’s like having a Korean wife that you found online. Here are a few facts about Korean girls for marriage and what to expect from a relationship with them!

Traditions and norms of family life

Modern Korean women are not very traditional. Sure, they want to start a family and be with a guy. However, young South Korean mail order brides don’t view family as something traditional and conservative. Women and men have more or less equal responsibilities and duties. Of course, you can easily find Korean wife who will become a housewife, but you shouldn’t expect all girls to be like that.

How will your Korean wife treat you?

She will treat you with respect and kindness if you do the same. If you are a man who respects and loves your wife, you can be sure that she will make you the happiest man on the planet.

Communication with your friends and family

Most Korean girls for marriage have no problems with communication and interaction with parents and friends of their foreign husbands. They will always find a topic for conversation and will feel at ease in any company. 

Will a Korea bride for sale be a good wife?

Korean women are very dedicated and responsible, so they will do their best to be perfect and hard-working wives and mothers. A happy family is a real wealth for them.

Peculiarities of living with South Korean wives

Once you find Korean wife, she will infuse your life with a vibrancy of emotions, love, and care. Korean culture is hierarchical and the female’s role is to maintain harmony in the family and avoid conflicts. These aren’t all positive aspects of living with a wife from Korea. Aside from being beautiful, these ladies are funny, approachable, and easy-going. They will definitely get on well with your friends and relatives. 

Korean woman for marriage

Korean wives like to create family parties and they do it quite well. Your soulmate will amaze your friends and family members with a well-maintained house, tasty dishes, and a hospitable atmosphere. Also, Korean women are all about discovering new things and traveling, so be ready to support your spouse in her urge for new adventures.

Final thoughts

Korean and Western cultures are very different, but that doesn’t stop love from happening. The beauty, charm, and kind hearts of lovely South Korean beauties make them a special and perfect match for Western men. If you want to meet your Korean beauty—join an Asian dating site and start looking for your future wife today.


Is Korean international dating safe?

It is safe if you date through a reliable specialized or international dating site with positive professional reviews and user feedback.

Is it better to date IRL or online to find a beautiful Korean wife?

Both ways can help you meet cute Korean women, but it’s faster and more cost-effective to date online.

How to know that a Korean bride is real?

As a rule, if you are a member of a trustworthy dating site, there is some sort of verification badge near profiles of women who passed ID checks.

How much do I need to join an Asian dating site?

Many dating sites offer standard membership free of charge. So, you can start dating a Korean beauty without spending a penny.

Is it expensive to travel to South Korea?

Traveling to South Korea varies in expenses as a lot depends on your traveling style. An average two-week trip is $1,410 plus $1,423 roundtrip ticket.

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