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Malaysian brides leave men in awe with their gorgeous appearance and mixture of prominent features. Want to get to know these ladies closer? Check out our quiz and see what type of women suits you most. 

Malaysia is a remarkable country with a wealth of history and culture. It is this unique location where tradition and modernity coexist peacefully. In addition to being a fantastic destination for travel, this country may introduce you to stunning Malaysia brides. To be honest, though, how much do you know about these women? To learn more about Malaysian brides, let us take a closer look at their physical attributes and typical relationships!

💘 Success rate91%
👍 Recommended dating sites SakuraDate
🇨🇴 % of men who choose Malaysian girls41%
👧 Average age 24
💳 Credit costfrom $2.99
💰 Average cost$6,000-$8,000
✅ LegalityLegal 
❓ Why Malaysian bride?Exotic appearance and flexible personality attributes 

What Can a Malaysian Bride Give You?

It goes without saying that Malaysian mail order brides are amazing. But what can such a lady give to a Western man? Let’s see. 

  • You will be blown away by Asian traditions and a conservative relationship approach. Numerous men are searching just for this!
  • Malaysian wives are extremely loyal. You may not worry about cheating once you have such a lady by your side. 
  • Love and care are what local girls contribute to relationships. Your life will be infused with support and affection. 
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Xiao Yan, 27
Guangzhou, China
From: SakuraDate
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Prakay, 22
Bangkok, Thailand
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Natalie, 53
Bremen, Germany
From: SakuraDate
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Malaysian Mail Order Bride: Who Are They?

As prospective wives of Western men, Malaysian mail order brides hit the global dating scene and stand ahead of the contenders. And you know what? These are the characteristics that make these women so alluring. 

  • Appearance

There is something exotic about Malaysian women for marriage. Their flawless skin, which gives the impression that they have been lounging at the beach all year, makes them an absolute beauty. They frequently have long, silky hair with either a jet-black shine or cool, rich browns that catch the light. Their eyes are so big and soulful that they can either melt your heart or give you that intimidating “do not mess with me” look.

  • Personality attributes

Local girls have a traditional attitude toward love affairs. Many Malaysian women who are looking for a partner are very traditional and devout due to their upbringing. Also, these ladies have an adaptive mindset. Malaysia mail order brides accept everything that happens and roll with the punches with ease. For this reason, foreign girls who move abroad for romantic reasons tend to adapt quickly to their new circumstances. 

How to Find a Malaysian Mail Order Bride: 3 Simple Steps to Meet a Malaysian Bride

Take a peek at the 3 steps to finding your love in Malaysia. Choose the most appropriate option to start your dating ventures. 

  • Browse your social media sites. Who knows? Maybe a couple of Malaysian girls are on your friend list on Facebook? Nevertheless, be cautious with social media platforms since there are a lot of romance scammers there. 
  • Go to Malaysia. Exploring the home country of your future Malaysian wife is a good idea. But only if you have already found your soulmate. Keep in mind that it is a rather constant and ineffective way to find your future partner if you are going to choose the one in the crowd of strangers. 
  • Visit a Malaysia mail order bride site. It is probably one of the ways to find your perfect match that really works. Just take advantage of the functionality of the site and rely on professionally designed algorithms and technologies. 

Are you ready to start your dating experience online? Then check out the thoroughly chosen websites and start your dating journey on one of them!

Top Dating Sites With Malaysian Women In 2024

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Editor's choice 👍

Pros and Cons of Dating a Malaysian Mail Order Bride

  • Down-to-earth and traditional approach to life. Because of their upbringing, many Malaysian women are quite traditional and religious.
  • Compromise-friendly nature. It is in the blood of local ladies to be flexible and approachable.
  • Excellent home-keepers. These women are very industrious because they are motivated by kiasu (the philosophy that implies the fear of missing out.)
  • Amazing cooks. Malaysian women are extremely talented cooks, much like many Asian brides.
  • Too traditional to adhere to modern Western values. Some men may consider local girls too conservative.
  • You may experience a language barrier with your Malaysian bride since not all ladies from this country are good English speakers.
  • cultural differences may be the basis for numerous questionable situations in relationships.

The concept of buying a Malaysian mail order bride results in numerous misconceptions among potential love-seekers in this country. There is no possibility of buying a person. We don’t talk about human trafficking at all. Nevertheless, you should still invest in your dating experience on a dedicated platform. This is where the notion of “to buy a bride” comes from.

When it comes to legality matters, the answer is “Yes, it is absolutely legal to date and marry a Malaysia bride.” However, it is necessary to remember the immigration laws and a K-1 visa for your future spouse. 

How Much Do Malaysian Mail Order Brides Cost?

Starting with online dating and ending with weddings — we have covered every aspect of dating a Malaysian bride in this scheme.

Dating platform basic features $200 per month
Advanced functionality$150 per month
Total for online dating, considering you will spend 6 months chatting with your lady$2,100
A round trip to Kuala Lumpur from New York$2,000
Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, in the downtown$40 per night on average ($400 for 10 days)
Leisure activities, food, and restaurants$300
K-1 visa for your wife$2,300
Flight tickets to the US for your spouse$800
Total for real dates$13,800 

What Kind of Men Should Consider Dating Malaysian Women?

Are you among the men who consider dating Malaysian brides to be the most exciting venture of their lives? What type of man would like those ladies most of all? Let’s see. 

  • Those who appreciate Asian values and want to become a part of the Malaysian community. 
  • Men who adore the exotic beauty of Malaysian girls. 
  • Love hunters who are on the lookout for an extra dose of appreciation in relationships. 
  • Those who are ready to create meaningful bonds without playing games. 


Searching for a potential Malaysian mail order bride by using an online dating site saves a ton of time and provides a fantastic selection of possibilities. It might be a perfect fit for anyone looking to find that special someone for a long-distance relationship. Take action since numerous Malaysian brides are already waiting for you online!

Bella Profile image 1
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Bella, 34
Aizhou, China
From: SakuraDate
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Cassie Cheng, 22
Wuhan, China
From: SakuraDate
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Zhi Lan, 25
Hangzhou, China
From: SakuraDate
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What Do Malaysian Brides Like in Men?

First off, they want their partners to appreciate their conservative nature. Secondly, Malaysians are all about well-groomed and respectful men. Finally, local girls prefer guys who can share their emotions and demonstrate their love to the fullest. 

Are Malaysian Brides Expensive? 

It won’t cost you a fortune to date and marry a Malaysian girl. These ladies adhere to modest life principles and aren’t that demanding. Malaysian brides are among the cheapest in Asia. 

Are Malaysian Brides Faithful?

Due to the conservative nature of Malaysian society, local girls value relationships and aren’t used to cheating. You can be sure that your lady is committed to you and doesn’t consider any other men romantically.

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