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LatinFeels dating site is created to join single people from different parts of the world who have one purpose in life—finding true love in Latin America. This online dating platform proposes an easy sign-up process and search filters that can benefit in finding the most compatible partner. Registered members can view accounts of hot Latin ladies who desire to find true love abroad. If you still have doubts about whether this is a legit website, keep reading the article and open new dating opportunities for yourself.

Total Score of LatinFeels
Our Rating
88% Overall score
Total sum (max 60):53
Ease of use
9 of 10
Customer service
9 of 10
Quality and profiles
10 of 10
Safety and antiscam
10 of 10
Success rate
8 of 10
Ease of meeting
7 of 10

Positives and negatives of LatinFeels dating site

When you visit the site, you can notice that it proposes a whole range of options for finding a perfect match. However, Latin Feels the website has its cons too. In a moment, you are going to learn the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. It is essential to check them out before registration.

  • Search filters to find a compatible partner
  • The easy and clear credit system
  • High level of safety to avoid scams and catfishing
  • Translation service
  • No video calls. However, not a biggie since you can use other tools for communication
  • No mobile app in the store, but you can always browse it on your phone

✅ Benefits

  • High level of safety. Unlike many other dating platforms that face more scammers, the LatinFeels website is concerned about its clients with the help of photo verification and other features. 
  • Hot real Latin women who are ready to commit. Single Latin women here desire to meet and marry foreign men.
  • Translation service. You don’t have to worry about now knowing Spanish or Portuguese since you can have the conversations translated. 
  • Convenient instant messages
  • Search filters. They can help you meet the perfect match faster by indicating the country, age, and other information about the woman. 
  • Easy credit system.
  • Constant notifications.

❌ Downsides

  • No video chats. If you desire to enjoy video calls, it is not the place where you can do it. However, a lot of ladies upload videos on their personal pages. 
  • There is no LatinFeels mobile app. Still, it is not an issue for people because they can browse the website on their phones. 

What is LatinaFeels? 

After spending around 2 weeks on LatinFeels, we can safely say that it is a decent dating site with Latin women for online communication. Whether you have serious intentions or just want to have a fun online dating casual experience, this site can offer you everything you need. We believe that its main strength lies in quick registration, as you are not intimidated by lengthy and complicated sign up processes. A few fields and a few multiple-choice questions, and you are free to go! Coupled with the fact that the site has real profiles, affordable prices, and a credit-based system, you get a great site with cheap prices and excellent services.

It is also essential to state that the ‘People’ matchmaking tool is another main advantage of using the LatinFeels dating website. This feature offers you a dozen profiles that you can like or ignore. You basically create a personalized set of dates that you can later send a message to. It is quick and rather effective. It also learns from your messages, and you can basically rely on the algorithms to always get great dates.

How to create an account: A detailed guide

Before LatinFeels login, you should walk through the signing up routine, which is actually quite fast. It takes approximately 20-30 seconds. Here is what you usually include in the registration form: 

  • You indicate your personal information, like sex, date of birth, marital status, email, and a valid email password. Then you get a message to your email with verification, click on it, and you are in. 
  • After logging, you will need to indicate some interesting information about yourself. This is the time when it is advisable to fill in all the possible blanks. Here is what you can indicate in the more engaging info details: 
  1. Traits about yourself
  2. Hobbies you enjoy
  3. Movies that you like
  4. Music that you listen to with pleasure
LatinFeels registration
  • After talking about yourself, you should highlight your goal on the website (finding a partner, for example) and indicate the age and traits you would appreciate in the person. 
  • After the registration at LatinFeels, you are offered a questionnaire, which is optional. Nonetheless, it is recommended to use it because this can help you find the most compatible match
  • Also, you can send a scanned ID document for your person verification. This verifies your account and gives ladies the idea of a real person. They would rather write to a verified person than to a sketchy one. 
  • Now you can use a platform.  

The best way to get the most out of online dating is to give a lot of details about yourself and your major goal here so that ladies would know in advance what to expect from you. 

LatinFeels profiles

Main features to know

As you may have noticed in other LatinFeels dating site reviews, this platform has several essential features. Here they are:

  • Search filters for single sexy women. This will allow you to narrow the search according to your needs. 
  • LatinFeels customer service contact info. This is a good indicator of a trustworthy website.
  • Browsing the LatinFeels site.
  • You can buy the first 20 credits for only $2.99 instead of $9.99.
  • Let’s talk feature, which Latin Feels proposes to members who have issues with initiating the conversation. Moreover, you are given message templates that can make the communication experience much easier. 
  • NewsFeed. LatinFeels included this free feature to help you observe the lives of different women besides using dating sites. Here, women upload recent photos and their interests. You can also see new members that pop up here. 

What girls use LatinFeels, and how to find them?

Men from Canada, Australia, and the USA can enjoy the profiles of amazing women from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and other Latin countries. The average age of a Latin girl is 24 years. 

It is quite easy to find them. All you need to do is to click on the search button and flick through profiles. In case you want to narrow the search, you are able to implement filters and find the exact women who meet all your requirements. Maybe you would love to talk to a woman from Argentina who is 25. No problem, just use the filter and the right profile will appear.

Cost of dating on LatinFeels

The LatinFeels website uses the credit system for online communication. Without these credits, you won’t be able to use the premium features. Unfortunately, there is no LatinFeels free credit. Most of the conversation tools on the LatinFeels dating site are paid. Therefore, LatinFeels credits information is a must for you.

First credits

Latinfeels free credits

The top highlighted part of most Latinfeels reviews is the free credits new users get after registration. When you register at the website you obtain 20 free credits. This is a great gift for you since you can spend them on interaction with the desired woman online. 

Treat it as a first free communication. Of course, 20 credits are not enough to build sustainable communication with a woman online. Therefore, you will need to buy the packages with credits for further services. Paid interaction sounds expensive but it has its big advantage: you won’t spend a lot of time on small talk but get down to business faster. 

On free services, people often tiptoe around the subject before moving to the next level. This is not the case for Latin Feels.com.

Calculate how much your future girlfriend will cost on LatinFeels

I originally came from...
I am searching for a life-long woman from...
I'm going to chat on the site with a bride for... month
I'm prepared to spend money on flowers and gifts for my mail-order bride...
I'm planning to visit my fiancée's homeland...
I also wanted to attach a K1 visa fee

Now, if we take communication itself into account, here is what you need to know: 


  • Live chat: 2 credits per minute.
  • The usage of stickers in chat: 5 credits.
  • Sending pictures in chat: 10 credits.
  • Opening account videos in chat: 50 credits.


  • Sending a mail to a member: first mail costs 10 credits; after that, each mail costs 30 credits.
  • Opening emails: you open the first mail for free; each following mail costs 10 credits.
  • Sending photos in emails: free.
  • Opening photos in emails: you don’t have to pay for opening the first photo; the next ones cost 10 credits.
  • Opening videos in emails: 50 credits per video.

You can also deliver gifts, which takes a 100 credits fee, and request a meeting with a woman, which costs 625 LatinFeels credits.

20 credits$9.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99
750 credits$149.99

According to the LatinFeels review, you can still enjoy both paid and free options. Of course, you get the real dating experience only with the paid options, but with the help of free options, you can find women for communication. Let’s dive deeper into them.

Free options
  • Registration
  • Creating your profile
  • Search filters to find compatible women
  • Newsfeed
  • Sending winks
  • Customer support service
  • Sending pictures in emails
Paid options
  • Sending messages
  • Using live chats
  • Requesting a date
  • Sending a gift
  • Opening private photos and videos

With the help of paid Latin Feels options, you can lift up to another level with the Latin woman and build serious relationships with her. This allows you to get to know each other better and show your generosity with lavish presents. 

LatinFeels cost features

Success stories

Jack, 31

Through LatinFeels, I found a person that has changed my life! Sofia, a woman of such vibrancy and energy that I could never imagine such people exist! She is from Argentina, and I found her thanks to a feature called ‘People’ that is available for free on LatinFeels!

Mike, 35

At LatinFeels, I met Maria, a very hot girl from Brazil. I didn’t think that I could have a chance with her, but she was very friendly and cheerful with me! She is a professional dancer, so you can imagine how stupidly hot she is. We’re planning to meet soon, and I couldn’t be happier and more nervous at the same time…

George, 40

Ana from Mexico has made me a different person, and it is all because I met her on LatinFeels. I’ve had a lot of dates on this site, but Ana was different. I don’t know what made me fall in love with her, but I did right away. We are now engaged, all thanks to LatinFeels.

LatinFeels app

There is no LatinFeels app at the moment, which can be a disadvantage for someone. But we tried using the mobile version of the site on our phones, and it is not as bad as we expected. All the features are present, and the layout and design feel very responsive. So, the mobile browsing experience on LatinFeels is optimized and user-friendly, so you can be sure that the search for your dream girl will be enjoyable anywhere and anytime!

LatinFeels scam

Seeking a date from a different country can be stressful enough, and if you are not sure whether the site is legit or not, it can ruin your motivation to look for anyone at all. Hopefully, Latin Feels is a website with a proper reputation, and being on the market for many years, it has made clear that this site is real and effective. LatinFeels prioritizes the safety of its users. Every female account on the platform is verified manually by the administration. As a result, you can confidently surf through LatinFeels and chat with stunning Latin women, knowing your online dating journey is as safe as possible.

LatinaFeels legit and real    

Is LatinFeels legit? It might sound suspicious for new users to realize that they can communicate with brides online. Moreover, even you may think it’s a tad sketchy. However, there is no point in worrying about that.

The thing is, Latina feels is a legit platform where you can interact with women, build serious relationships with them, and eventually marry the woman of your imagination. Ladies here are real because you can notice the verification icons. The ID verification service positively affects the platform as it results in a reduction of scams and catfishing.

Latinfeels.com reviews also prove that the platform is a safe and user-friendly place to find love online. 

So, is LatinFeels.com legit? The short answer is a definite yes. You can register for free, get the bonus 20 credits and engage in communication with various Latin girls online.

How to avoid getting scammed?

People who become members of dating platforms are eager to learn more about dating tips, but they rarely worry about the risk of getting scammed. However, it is still a big deal and so many men and women become the victims of crafty scammers. Don’t get upset because there are ways to protect yourself from scammers. 

  1. Don’t give your personal information to users. It means don’t indicate your card number or email address. 
  2. Avoid non-verified users. Instead, pay attention to verified users who do not pretend to be somebody else. 
  3. Never send money to users on Latin Feels and other platforms. Some sly members can pretend they have money issues or are very sick. If you get a slight hint on it, head to customer service. 

LatinFeels chat online 

You’re familiar with the interactive tools on Latin-feels but knowing and utilizing are different things. Many users online make one similar mistake — they either wait for the initiation from another person or begin with typical and dull texts.

First of all, Latin women are active online but they prefer men to break the ice because it will demonstrate to them how ambitious males are. If you’re a man willing to meet Latina women online then start the interaction after being matched. 

Your next step is to begin your message with a compelling question or a compliment that may not be necessarily connected to her beauty. Instead, highlight her interests and professional skills. 

Later, you can move to audio or video conversations which will automatically bring you closer and elevate your relationships. After a few weeks or months, depending on how fast you move online you can request a real date. This is your chance to meet in real life and even get engaged. 

Latin Feels customer service       

This Latin Feels review also covers customer service. Separately. The thing is that every reputable platform must have customer care. They are ready to assist you at any time of the day and help you resolve different issues. 

Whether you have a registration problem or can’t find your free credits, customer care is here to aid you. Moreover, another great responsibility of customer care is their ability to block or eliminate suspicious users or potential scammers. Therefore, you can enjoy a safe stay at LatinFeels and have a shoulder to rely on.

Unique tools on the site

LatinFeels makes online communication easy and engaging with unique tools. The new tool is called Newsfeed. This one gives you more information about the user besides her basic info on the profile.

Another prominent tool is the Let’s talk feature, which allows only registered users to start communication instantly. On top of that, messaging templates will help you ease the first move.

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Clearly, Latin Feels has all the tools and features that prove this website to be a legit platform for dating. Gorgeous Latin females create their profiles here and are ready to initiate a conversation with foreign men they like. You can lift your chances by creating an interesting profile and using different features to win her heart. 


Is Latin Feels a legitimate dating site?

Yes, LatinFeels is a legit website with a big range of single beautiful Latin women. All you have to do is to sign up, set up an engaging profile, and initiate communication with ladies. 

Is it free to use Latin Feels?

There are free and paid features for the members on LatinFeels. You can sign up, create a profile, and upload photos for free. If you want to talk to women, you should pay for the credits.

How can I know that the girl on Latin Feels is real? 

All the members of LatinFeels should move through the process of ID verification. Once they do it, they get a validation mark indicating they are real. 

Does Latin Feels have a mobile app?

Even though the platform doesn’t propose a mobile application, it has a convenient interface adjusted to phone screens.

How to get free credits on LatinFeels?       

As you know your registration can lead you to the bonus: 20 free credits. You’ll get them either automatically or by clicking on the special free credits button. This sum of credits is enough to start the communication but not enough to prolong it. Hence, you’ll need to purchase another package and relish juicy interaction online.

How much does LatinFeels cost?       

The general cost of LatinFeels usage is different depending on the user’s intentions and general activeness on the website. The more active you stay the more money you’ll need to spend. This consequently will lead to amazing results. Expect to pay at least $100 per month if you want to build a deeper connection with a girl.

Is LatinFeels scam? 

Latinfeels is definitely not a scam. The evidence for that is the reviews, customer care, and ID verification. Still, scams are possible on the website but they lessen due to the personality verification service.

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  1. Hey guys, if you still have some concerns about the legitimacy of this site, I can assure you that it is a real nad quite effective site with everything you might need. While it was quite expensive ofr me to find a girl, every single penny was worth the enjoyment of bonding with a real Latin girl online!

  2. Just signed on on the site, and I am impressed with the quality of profiles here. Indeed, this site deserves all the positive feedback that I have found online. A great site for guys like me!

  3. Latimfeels is a good site with plenty of things to try. Highly recommend using this platform to look for latin girls. You won’t be disappointed!

  4. Latinfeel dating site offers you a great selection of women from various Latin countries, a decent diversity of communication tools, and a lot of useful features that can make your online dating experience unforgettable and exceptional. I highly recommend Latin feels site to anyone who is interested in women for online communication from Latin countries!

  5. Can you use this site on a phone? I didn’t find a download button, and latinfeels apps in the app store looks kindy sketchy. Can someone tell me how to chat on the phone? I have an iphone!

    • Hey Hoodlum86, I don’t think that there is a dedicated latinfeels dating app. But, from my experience, you can use the site on your phone via browser. Safari works just fine, so you should try it out like that!

  6. What I like the most about latinfeels dating app is that it has everything you need to have a good time with a foreign women online. The only thing that is missing is video chat, I would really like to see my girls when I date them…

  7. I have read a lot of latinfeels dating reviews to learn about this site in theory. But when I decided to use it, it was not what I expected. Yeah, the number of girls, features, and options is great. But you always have to pay to achieve anything. Is this what online dating all about?

    • Hi Trevor! As you might saw in our review, if you want to be successful in online dating, you have to spend some money. You won’t find a date or a bride without buying credits, this is just the reality of online dating industry nowadays. Fortunately, you don’t have ot spend too much, a 1 month of communication on Latin Feels can cost you around $50-$100, which is not that much considering what you get in return!

  8. Latinfeel.com is a decent dating site. I have had my share of dating websites, so I know what im talking about. While there are some obvious downsides of the sites like lack of video communication, no premium membership, etc., it is a decent platform for a newcomer.

  9. I love this site. Everything about it is smart, simple, and effective. Latinfeels.com login is quick the same goes to the registration process. If you are into Latin women online, latinfeels com is the site that will help you fidn true love and happiness, you can believe me!

  10. Does LatinFeels app exist? I want to use the website on my phone, but I dont know if i can. The site is great, and I’ve been having some great time over the last past 2 months, but sometimes, im not on my computer, and using it from the phone would be great!

  11. Who can help me with a problem? I don’t know how to delete LatinFeels account, and I need to create a new one because I think i messed something up with my profile. Please help!

    • Hi Trevor! As you might saw in our review, if you want to be successful in online dating, you have to spend some money. You won’t find a date or a bride without buying credits, this is just the reality of online dating industry nowadays. Fortunately, you don’t have ot spend too much, a 1 month of communication on Latin Feels can cost you around $50-$100, which is not that much considering what you get in return!

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