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A mail order bride is a combination of sexiness and style. But how do mail order marriages work? If you cannot find the answer, look at this guide, composed by our dating experts and me, Barrett Connell.

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Do mail order brides still exist?

Many know that a mail order bride is an old concept that has different origin theories. It is easy to imagine old society properly meeting their bride on a wedding day, but do mail order brides actually work in the 21st century? 

The concept of mail order brides has changed over the years, but as it was and still is popular and very common. Men are still interested in finding a gorgeous foreign bride, and women are still searching for foreign husbands. So, if you were wondering, “Do mail order brides still exist?” The answer is clearly yes! However, if you were asking yourself do mail order marriages exist meaning arranged marriages, you should know that they are very rare nowadays.

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Who are mail order brides?

To get a grasp of the concept of mail order brides, you’d better start with mail order bride meaning. A mail order bride is a woman who registers on a specialized dating site in order to communicate with foreign men with the intention of finding a husband. As a rule, those are women around 19–40 years, single or divorced and some of them might have children. Modern mail order brides are not looking for a sponsor or ‘sugar daddy’, they want to find a partner for life and build a family together. Also, becoming a mail order bride, they are willing to move abroad.

Do mail order brides actually work?

For many happy international couples that meet through specialized mail order bride sites, the service worked just fine and helped them to meet a partner for life. Even in the year of global pandemic outbreak, 16,849 foreign fiancées came to the US to marry. Some of them have met through specialized dating sites and some have met in real life, but regardless of that, there is no doubt of the effectiveness of such services. So if you are still wondering ‘do mail order marriages work?’, rest assured that the answer is clear: yes! They work and are very popular!

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Why do women want to be mail order brides?

When you see how gorgeous, talented, and kind mail order brides are, they seem perfect. And it’s only natural to wonder why they need to spend time registering to a dating site if they should have tons of suitors falling to their feet. Each girl might have a bit different reasoning, but we gathered some top ones:

  1. Gender disbalance and economic situation. All this makes it harder for women to find a single suitable man.
  2. Pressure to marry young. In some countries like Russia or China, women after 30 are seen as a second-sort and can be doomed unwanted even if they look stunning. Thankfully, such stereotypical attitudes are gradually changing, but women are still pressured to marry at a young age, not to fall into such a category.
  3. Love for Western men. Some mail order brides choose to date guys from abroad as they are more physically attracted to them. Or also many believe foreign men to be more caring, respectful, and generous.
  4. Desire to get control over their love life. In more traditional countries, parents have a lot to say about who their daughters are going to marry, which is something they don’t always want. To have the possibility to choose with their heart, they register to mail order bride sites in the hope to meet their soulmate.
  5. A bad dating locals experience. Sometimes reasoning can be not so bright. And some ladies choose to look for a partner abroad, being disappointed in local men.
  6. Wish for a better future for their kids. Some women just want to have a change in life and have stability, something that the economic situation in their country can’t help with.
  7. The choice to never limit themselves. Sometimes women become mail order brides just because they feel adventurous and want to have a romantic long-distance relationship. They don’t want to limit themselves and want to be only with the best man for them.

And the list can go on and on. Women from different countries and backgrounds are unique, and they see relationships differently. This influences their reasoning to look for a partner abroad.

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How do mail order brides services work?

The concept of mail order brides is not new, and it was developing and changing through the years to fit the era perfectly. And even in the 21st century when the thought of buying a bride seems to be bizarre, it works amazingly. But how do these services actually work?

To use the services of a dating site, you first need to pick a reliable platform for dating and become a member. After that, you usually have full access to a variety of services, communications ways, and features. Let’s explore some common ones:

  • Chat—Instant communication with any woman online through text messages.
  • Mail—Another form of communication that allows writing longer letters and attach pictures to them.
  • Communication using pre-made templatesIf you are shy or just lacking ideas on how to approach a woman, some dating sites offer special communication services. You get pre-made messages, ice-breakers, and conversation-starters.
  • Video calls—One or two-way video chat that allows you to see your gorgeous bride.
  • Phone calls—Audio conversation with any girl you like.
  • Gifts and flowers—A great way to surprise a girl you like with a real-life delivery of a small gift or bouquet of flowers. 

Depending on a particular dating site you choose, some services are free, and some are paid. But modern dating sites offer such a great variety of options that you won’t feel the distance, and sometimes it is even more fun than just chatting on socials.

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Peculiarities of mail order brides websites

Mail order bride dating sites are not the same as regular dating platforms. They have some peculiarities that are worth your attention:

  • Accessibility. The first peculiarity and the reason why online dating sites are so popular is their accessibility. You can become a member and start dating in less than 10 minutes. However, picking a reliable and suitable dating platform may take some time. Regardless of your location, nationality, religion, you can find a dating site that suits your needs.
  • For people with more serious intentions. When singles are looking for a bride online they are usually interested in long-term relationships, which is why mail order bride sites gather women that share such dating goals.
  • The majority are credit-based. Another interesting peculiarity of dating sites is their payment system. Even though there are some free dating sites, the vast majority are credit-based. This means that you need to buy a special virtual currency to access advanced services of the site. And you pay only for what you use, and there are no membership fees unless you want to buy a premium membership.

Reliable dating sites are a very effective tool for bride search. If you choose your platform correctly, you will save time and resources.

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Modern mail order brides are not the same as even 10 years ago. As everything in the world changes, the concept develops and adapts to cover all the new needs. Foreign mail order brides are a wonderful chance to meet a partner for life. So, if you are looking for your soulmate, find a suitable dating site and start your love journey.


How can I order a bride?

To order a bride, you need to pick a platform for dating, register, browse profiles and pick a girl you like for dating and see if the interest is mutual.

What is the best place to look for real mail order brides?

Specialized dating sites are the most effective ones for singles that know what type of woman they prefer.

Can I order a bride from any country?

Yes. There are women from almost all countries of the world on dating sites.

Are mail order brides a real thing?

Yes. Beautiful mail order brides on trustworthy dating sites are real women that are looking for love online.

Are mail order brides safe?

A reliable dating site has ID verification for women and secured payment ways, so you will have all the basic safety measures and will be able to add only your reasonable online dating to them.

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