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La Date is a platform with Latin women for online relationships who want to date foreigners. There is nothing special about this site—it just does its job perfectly. Here, you can meet thousands of beautiful and legit girls for online relationships from most Latin countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, etc. The features that are offered here can provide you with everything you need. While there is only text-based communication, you can have the best time of your life with Latin girls on LaDate. If you want to find true love from a Latin country, you should read this article!

Total Score of La-Date
Our Rating
92% Overall score
Total sum (max 60):55
Ease of use
9 of 10
Customer service
9 of 10
Quality and profiles
10 of 10
Safety and antiscam
9 of 10
Success rate
10 of 10
Ease of meeting
8 of 10
  • A 24/7 customer service who is ready to help you.
  • User-friendly interface to make the process of registration easier.
  • Profiles verification policy to avoid scams and catfishing.
  • A wide range of women from Latin America.
  • No mobile app, but you can browse the website on your phone or iPad.
  • Too many messages from women, which is not a problem for every user whatsoever.

What is La Date?

LaDate, as you can see, offers a decent online dating experience for those seeking to find Latin beauties. Its quick registration process, coupled with efficient text-based communication, creates an enjoyable user experience even for those who have never tried online dating! The site has a great database of Latin girls, all of whom have interesting and authentic profile pages. So, you can be sure that you will have plenty of options to choose from!

Like many other dating sites, La Date uses a credit-based system. It allows you to control your expenses as per your comfort level. In other words, if you want to spend more, you can do it. But if your budget is limited, you can have the best time of your life even without spending a lot of money! It should be noted that there are audio and video communication features, and the site has a good reputation and offers affordable pricing. It should be also noted that with advanced search filters and a remarkable matchmaking tool, LaDate can guarantee you that you will find the lady of your dreams.

How to create an account: A detailed guide

Now that you know basic facts about the site, let’s take a look at what you need to do to start using La Date. In a nutshell, this site is rather simple, accessible, and user-friendly. All its parts are designed to make your experiences enjoyable and comfortable. So, let’s start with registration and check out what you need to do to create an account on this platform!

  1. Fill out the registration form. You just need to provide your name, birthday, gender, email, and password.
  2. Complete a short quiz. There are roughly 20 questions in the quiz. It consists of 3 parts. The first part asks about who you are and what your hobbies and goals are. The second part is about your preferences. Here, you define your perfect woman. And the third part is to upload your profile picture. Keep in mind that this quiz can be skipped, but we highly recommend you spend a few minutes of your time and fill it out! If you know what kind of woman you want to find, you can answer all the questions quickly and provide essential information to the system.
la date log in sign up

3. Once you finish answering questions, you will be given a few profiles suitable for you based on your answers. You may like a few of them or don’t—it is up to you. If you see a message that says you are given 20 complimentary credits, it means that you have finished the registration and can now freely browse the site! Congratulations!

Main features to know

What makes LaDate so convenient and wonderful is the fact that this site is user-friendly and doesn’t have too many tools and options in the first place. Indeed, there is only text-based communication. To contact a date, you can either send a live message or an email. Sure, you can add photos, videos, stickers, and gifts to your messages, but apart from that, your actions are rather limited.

There is a ‘People’ feature that can be rather useful for you. It is a matchmaking tool that allows you to browse through a large number of profiles in mere minutes! You are given a dozen profiles, and each profile you can either like or skip. You can also send mail, wink, or present to your potential date. Every action will send a notification to a woman, so it is a great way to get the attention of many girls online!

la date registration

What girls use LaDate and how to find them?

This site is home to thousands of Latin women for dating online. You won’t find women from other countries and regions—this is one of the few strict rules here. As for what girls use this site, most of the time, these are young and single beauties who want to live in the United States with a foreigner. The reasons why they decide to use online dating can be various. Some ladies want to date a foreigner because it is exciting and fun. Others are looking for relationships online because they want a better life.

Many tools and features can help you find a perfect or suitable date on LaDate. The filtering system is wonderful and practical! You can specify what kind of woman you are looking for with a dozen different filters. It is a working and effective system that can narrow down your search and help you find exactly who you want! ‘Newsfeed’ and ‘People’ features are also very effective and helpful, but less definitive compared to filters, though.

Cost of dating on La Date

As mentioned above, communication tools here are paid, so you need to spend money to interact and communicate with dates. Right now, you can buy 20 credits for $2.99. And here is a price list that can help you understand how much you can spend on various tools:

First credits
la date costs and prices

Calculate how much your future girlfriend will cost on La-Date

I originally came from...
I am searching for a life-long woman from...
I'm going to chat on the site with a bride for... month
I'm prepared to spend money on flowers and gifts for my mail-order bride...
I'm planning to visit my fiancée's homeland...
I also wanted to attach a K1 visa fee

La Date is a wonderful site mainly because it has a lot of free options. You can create and fill out your account, browse through profiles, send winks, use ‘Newsfeed’, ‘People’, and filtering features, and enjoy a great online dating experience. Communication is the only option that is hidden behind a paywall. If you are looking for a real online dating experience, you will have to pay. Fortunately, the cost of dating on LaDate is not that huge.

La Date.com free credits      

La Date dating site does not propose free credits for registered users. But don’t escape just now because this is still a great platform that allures both attractive males and females. 

Newcomers have a special bonus once they register at the La Date website — first 20 credits for the hilarious price — of only $2.99. You can purchase them after your profile creation and begin your new fresh dating history with a real Latina woman. 

Despite the paid options, the La-Date dating site is widely used by Americans, Canadians, And Europeans who seek something meaningful in their life. You purchase the credits, pay for the communication and spend less time on the chinwags that lead nowhere.

Success stories

To help you understand how wonderful this platform is, let us show you 3 simple success stories from men who managed to find true love with the help of this service.

Sam, 47

My name is Sam, and my life changed forever when I met Eva on LaDate. As a single dad, it is really difficult to find a chance for second love in life. And I was looking for companionship and understanding, not something serious, you know. But when I met Eva, I realized that she could be the one! Eva and I hit it off instantly and, despite the distance, we made it work. Now, she is not only my better half but also an excellent mother to my kids.

Dan, 48

Hello there, I’m Dan. Joining LaDate was a decision I will never regret, although I was huuuuugely skeptical about it! It was on this platform that I found the hot and passionate Rosa. I found myself drawn to her energy and raw passion and love for life. We have spent a lot of time together.

Roger, 51

I am Roger, and I found the love of my life, Mariana, on LaDate. I was lured by her wit and humor. And she is smokingly hot by the way! With every chat, we grew closer, and when we finally met, it was as if we had known each other for years. I don’t want my life would be without her!

LaDate app

The platform had a dedicated mobile app. However, even if it didn’t, the mobile version of the website is more than enough if you are looking for a dating experience on the go. It is highly responsive and has all the features available on the main site so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted online dating experience whenever you want and wherever you are! But you can also download an app and use it for free!

LaDate scam

Ensuring that all girls on the site are real is an essential job of the administration of LaDate. Indeed, the administration makes everything possible so that all profiles on the site are real. Various verification systems, security measures, and sophisticated algorithms are installed to maintain a safe dating environment!

La Date legit and real       

Is La Date legit? Is La date real? The two answers are yes and yes. You need to understand that this platform uses an ID verification system that makes the users prove their personality online. Therefore, the risk of getting scammed by the catfisher or scammer is quite low.

Besides, La Date reviews allow you to acknowledge that people are using this website for finding love. The users who write the reviews are real and they will highlight the pros and cons of the website. 

Lastly, customer service is another essential point that proves the reliability of the website because they have a huge power starting from troubleshooting to the elimination of suspicious profiles.

La Date chat online       

Ladate.com is a perfect spot for singles or divorced ones to believe in the connection with a new person and revive their positive emotional state. You are aware of all the communication tools that La Date dating site offers, so there is no point in highlighting them again.

The thing you have to learn is that you must be active enough on the website if you want to meet true love online as fast as possible. Staying passive or shy all time with bring no results whatsoever. 

Therefore, you can send instant messages to girls on the La-Date dating website, exchange videos, and photos, and even enjoy a real-life date with the woman you have most in common with. 

Start your messages with questions instead of typical compliments and gradually move to audio calls to get used to each other more. The most active users get a chance to meet Latina girls offline and even marry them legally in the United States. You could be one of them.

La Date customer service       

A lot of La-Date reviews highlight the perfect work of customer care. The thing is customer service plays a huge role in your dating experience. Online assistants can aid you during the registration or a La Date sign in. 

Moreover, there are situations when non-verified users try to connect to men and women. In this case, you can contact customer service and they will most likely eliminate the user. The high volume of requests doesn’t allow online assistants to rapidly answer to all the questions. Therefore, you can check out an additional help center that is packed with fruitful articles on problem solutions.

How to avoid getting scammed?

This site is not fraudulent, so you don’t need to come up with some tests or approaches to verify LaDate. However, the administration of the site cannot keep track of all members that register here. Sometimes, scammers can get through the system. Fortunately, most scammers just want your money, and you need to remember a simple thing. You should never send money to your dates. That’s all! LaDate is a platform where people find love and relationships. Girls don’t seek sponsors here, so you just don’t need to send them money.

Unique tools on the site

We have mentioned ‘Newsfeed’ in this La-date.com review already. Well, it is truly a unique feature that is not very common on dating sites. In a nutshell, a ‘Newsfeed’ on LaDate is similar to some social media newsfeed. Girls post their thoughts, ideas, and anything they want. A post usually consists of a sentence or two and a few photos. You can browse these posts, follow girls, and proceed to communicate with a girl you like. Simple but effective. And free!

la date women profiles
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The main goal of this La-date.com review is to show you how accessible online dating can be. And considering all the benefits of this platform, you can see that it is possible to start a real relationship with a Latin beauty online with the help of LaDate dating website!


How to get free credits on La Date?      

Despite several LaDate reviews about non-present free credits people still become members of the La-Date website. You don’t get the complimentary credits but you receive a special bonus — 20 credits for only $2.99. You can purchase them after registration and implement them in communication with ladies online. 

Is La-Date legit?       

“Is La-Date legit?” — is one of the most common questions. The answer is simple — yes, of course. They are essential evidence demonstrating reliability: customer care who can help you with your issues, transparent payment policy, verification of personalities, and a great number of reviews online.

Is La-Date free?

Yes and no. The thing is you can use the platform for free: browsing the profiles, editing your profile, and even sending winks to girls online. Still, paid options to open up bigger horizons to you because you can interact with women online, send them presents, and even relish a real date with the most matched girl from Latin America. 

How much does La-Date cost?        

This La-Date review hasn’t fully covered the cost. You can find more about the cost in another article. However, in a nutshell, we can highlight that on average men pay $100–$200 per month. It entirely depends on their activities on the website. In addition, if you decide to send a gift this will charge more money.

Is La Date a scam?

La Date.com is not a scam. This LaDate review has shown you that this place is safe for communication with international women. Customer service helps you indicate the potential threat and block the user forever. Besides, you can opt to speak with only verified profiles which already reduces the risks of getting scammed.

Barrett Connell
I'm Connell Barrett and I know everything about building a successful relationship with a perfect woman. I started as a journalist but a little later I became a dating coach. I've helped thousands of single men find their soulmates online and in real life. My book, posts, and reviews assist guys in their romantic journeys.
  1. are there any laws regulating the mail order brides sphere? I feel like that’s the way to be more confident about using the services of such sites.

    • Yup, Morgan, there are a couple of regulations. I know about VAWA and IMBRA. They ensure women’s safety and encourage mail order brides’ sites owners to strive for better services and paying attention to women joining their platforms.

  2. based on your guys’ answers, i can tell that mail order brides are rather legit. but as a 54-years old man, can i meet a woman in her 30s at la date com? is that possible? or am i just asking for what can’t be real?

    • It worked for me!! I married a woman 15 years younger than me, and we’ve been MARRIED for 4 years so far and welcomed our first BABY a year ago. I’d say you should stop hesitating and try out La Date site to see if it matches your expectations because that’s what I did!!

  3. based on many La-Date dating website reviews and my own experience, the site provides high-quality services…i like its communication tools but it would have been great if it updated its interface…

  4. Despite all the stereotypes and myths about mail order brides, I believe that it might be a go-to option for many guys👍. I know several men who married mail order brides and these marriages turned out to be better than those with ladies from their homeland 😍. They have healthy and functioning marriages, even though they didn’t fall in love at first sight😀.

  5. i know for sure that mail order brides work out for some people… even if you didn’t find the right woman yet, you shouldn’t give up because good things happen and there’s definitely a perfect lady for you out there… also, what i know from reading various la date.com reviews is that the site has many search tools. i think that’s how you can meet a woman who’ll match your preferences… besides, since a friend of yours was lucky enough to find a wife online, why don’t you just follow his footsteps and use the same platform and strategy?

  6. I strongly recommend you to do background checks before opting for a mail order brides site to understand what you can expect from it and whether it provides high-quality services. Besides, you can also run women’s accounts through scammer databases to see if they’re real or have been involved in any questionable activities. Another tip is to do reverse image searches to see if they have pics on other sites. Is La-Date fake, you might ask? I’d say that it probably isn’t because it boasts high-quality profiles and I personally enjoyed its services (although they could have been cheaper).

  7. Are mail order brides a legit option? I’ve been looking for women online but they never matched my preferences. But a friend of mine got married to a woman he met at a mail order brides site two years ago. Is this option worth a shot? And, for example, is La Date a legit website?

    • Hey, Brendon! Meeting mail order brides is a legit and safe option because these are the women who willingly register at specialized sites to meet their potential husbands. There are many reasons that make these ladies decide to opt for looking for foreign men instead of choosing among local guys. Some of the causes are unstable economic situations, patriarchal views in their countries that don’t give girls enough self-development opportunities, or simply personal preferences. Mail order brides usually create attractive profiles that include personal information and photos to make it easier for men to understand what to expect from these ladies. Speaking of the mentioned platform, you can check La Date dating website reviews and see other users’ experiences at the site because they usually share their opinions on things they liked and disliked at the site. It’s fair to say that La Dating sites are convenient and effective, helping users to save a lot of time because they have various communication features that make it easier to establish contacts with ladies. On average, la-date login takes about a couple of minutes, so you can give this opportunity a try and see if this option fits you.

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