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Want to make the world of online dating better? Want thousands of people to read your articles on online/international dating? Want to find out what cooperation mechanisms MailOrderBridesAgency offers? We’ll tell you everything here! 

Cooperation with dating platforms

Do you represent an international or a local dating platform? Here’s what we can do for you: 

  • Analyze the female profiles of your website—the median age, statistics regarding occupation/religion/appearance/family status, quality of profiles, etc. 
  • Write a review of your website. We analyze all the features and services of a dating site to write an independent review and to present the information to our readers, so if you want tens of thousands of people to know about your platform, that’s what you’re looking for. 
  • Make a banner on our website to advertise your platform. 
  • Use email marketing channels to tell our subscribers about your promotional offers. 
  • Use our Facebook/Instagram pages to tell our subscribers about your promotional offers.

Cooperation with media and influencers

We are interested in the popularization of our website, and we want more and more people to become aware of us—that’s why we are looking forward to partnering with media and bloggers as well. We at mailbrides.agency are constantly improving the quality of online dating experience for single men and women from all over the world. If you find it useful and want to share our guides and reviews with your audience, we would gladly cooperate with you. We can work with: 

  • Media—both traditional and online 
  • Influencers—bloggers (including YouTubers), activists, journalists, photographers, micro/nano/macro/mega Instagram influencers, TV personalities, social media influencers, etc. 
  • Platforms that help people succeed in online dating, international relationships, etc. 

Want more people to know about your service? Want to work for mutual benefit? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us at mailbrides.agency/contact 

Cooperation with creative minds

If you have some ideas, stories, or guides related to international dating and online relationships, you can cooperate with us, too! Just write a post, send it to us, get it posted, and share your experience with tens of thousands of readers! Here’s the list of topics you can write about: 

  • Dating and relationship issues. For example, if you’ve overcome problems related to international dating such as the language barrier, you can share this story with tens of thousands of readers. It’s not only about a language barrier, of course—we encourage people to send us stories about all the types of relationship issues they had (but remember, your story must be relevant to online dating/international relationships). 
  • Interesting information about online dating. Do you want to tell readers some exciting news, valuable facts, or important statistics about online dating? Then, send it to us! 
  • Guides on online/international dating. You’d be surprised how many people have never used online dating platforms—and you can help these people right here! Just send us a useful guide—for example, a guide on how to create an account on a dating site or a guide on how to chat with women online—and we will post it on our blog. 
  • Everything else. Interesting facts and stories, interviews, valuable advice — we can publish everything you want to share as long as it’s interesting to read, helpful, and unique. 

The only thing you need to do is write an article and send it to us—our editors will check it and make it look even better, and our content managers will post it to the blog. What we want to get from you is interesting and useful posts relevant to online and international dating. 

Be creative, be simple, use coherent language, make your article well-structured, and we’ll make it available to thousands of people. Just don’t include any links, please—and don’t send us SEO articles for link promotion, we don’t need that. Thanks for your cooperation!