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Whether it is the hot brunette or a blonde beauty, mail order brides know how to impress. Want to chat with mail order brides from different countries? Try this guide from our experts and me, Barrett Connell.

Those who would like to connect with mail order brides now can try the personalized quiz to find the best site or pick one of the dating services on our list. Mail order brides online are gems in the world of dating!

Best Websites With Beautiful Girls In 2024?

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Best Mail Order Brides—What Do Statistics Say?

Looking for the best country for mail order brides? Pay attention to the statistics first. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, about 10,000 mail order bride marriages occur in the USA every year. The regions where most K1 fiancée visas were given in 2020 are:

  • Asia—35%
  • Eastern Europe—27%
  • Latin America—23%
  • Africa—15%

Based on the famous portal Quora, the most popular countries to find top mail order brides are the Philippines, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Although the US fiancée visa statistics don’t give the exact number of mail order wives from each location in the world, it still shows which countries with mail order brides are popular among Western men. However, before starting your search, get the answer to the question, how much does it cost for a mail order bride?

best countries to find mail order brides

What Is the Best Place to Find a Wife in the World?

It’s hard to name the best country for a foreign wife without knowing your preferences because girls from each location have their own peculiarities. Some men prefer passionate and straightforward ladies, so they opt for Latin brides. Others are fond of calm and loyal women, so they choose wives from Asia. Others are into feminine, humble, and decisive ladies, so they prefer the Eastern European region. 

Best nationality to marry

So, if you’re wondering, “What country has the best wives?” you’ll be offered to choose from several alternatives. Finding a bride is a serious task, so you can’t just randomly select a location; it’s better to take time and check the options.  

  • Asian countries. Asian ladies are devoted to their partners. Although some ladies strive for equality in relationships, most Asian women remain obedient and respectful to their husbands. Asian girls for marriage are known for their exotic appearance and miniature forms. They are the most supportive wives and caring mothers. They are one of the best foreign women to marry. They will give you as much attention as you need and even more.
  • Eastern European countries. Ladies from Eastern Europe are diverse and unpredictable. With the large pool of different nationalities, you will definitely find a girl who infuses your family life with coziness and affection. If the question “Where can I buy a wife?” bothers you, consider Europe as a perfect destination to find a top wife. European ladies are modern, stylish, and open to new experiments in love. Here you will definitely find the best woman to marry.
  • Latin America countries. No matter which country you organize your mail order bride search, you will enjoy the passion and natural charm of Latin women. These ladies have extraordinary beauty, so you will be seduced whenever you see your future wife. Many of them are all about building strong bonds with a foreigner. Latin ladies are great at creating strong families with a healthy atmosphere.
  • Slavic region. Where can I find a wife that has a Slavic ethnicity? Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland are the best countries to find a wife with Slavic roots. These ladies will blow you away with their allegiance and natural loveliness.

10 Best Countries to Find a Wife

Those who are on the lookout for the best country to meet a wife should consider such options as:

  1. China. This is one of the best countries to find a loyal wife because local ladies are open-minded and loyal. They aren’t scared of moving to another country and will make you say “woah” every time you see them because these ladies’ attractiveness is breathtaking. Also, Chinese girls for marriage are known for being empathetic and observant, so they’ll be there whenever you need them, offering invaluable support. 
  2. South Korea. Some men call these girls the best wives in the world, and it’s hard to deny this. They are convivial and nonjudgmental, so you can be sure that whatever life’s prepared for you, a South Korean bride will encourage you to strive for more. Also, local ladies are adaptable, so they won’t find it hard to move to the US and build a family with you there.
  3. Vietnam. If you’ve always wanted to have a chatty and adventurous woman, a Vietnamese girl is your perfect choice. Many guys mention this is the best place to find wives, and the statistics prove that thousands of Vietnamese ladies for sale have already tied the knot with their American soulmates. So, if you’re a man who enjoys new experiences and loves to have deep conversations, consider marrying a Vietnamese woman.
  4. Colombia. The most suitable characteristics for describing Colombian women are humor and passion. A lot of men claim this is the best nationality to marry because local ladies combine all the personality traits one could ask for. Colombian wives have a positive attitude to life and are inspired by everything they do, spreading this energy everywhere they go. 
  5. Mexico. This is one of the best countries to meet a wife because Mexican girls are dazzling and hard-working. Your bride will be the life of the party, easily finding a common language with other people. You can be sure your friends and family will love her because it’s hard to resist her charm. Also, Mexican brides understand they need to put effort if they want to achieve something, so they don’t wait for a miracle to happen and take charge of their future.
  6. Ukraine. Probably, this is one of the top countries with mail order brides because Western men who were lucky enough to meet Ukrainian lovers say it was the happiest thing that ever happened to them. If we were to describe these ladies with just 3 words, these would have been humble, elegant, and decisive. Also, their appearances are out of this world.
  7. Brazil. Some gentlemen say Brazil is the best place to find a wife in the world, and many successful cases prove this. Although Brazilian women for marriage have contrasting cultural backgrounds, they become perfect partners for American men. They are determined and fearless, and these qualities are the reason why local ladies have such strong and alluring personalities.
  8. Argentina. Some of the best women to marry in the world probably live in Argentina. How else would you explain the fact that Western guys are just crazy about these girls? Argentine brides are ambitious and independent but not afraid to ask for help. A local woman would make you feel like the luckiest man in the world.  
  9. Russia. It’s hard to describe the charming appearances of local ladies with words. Russia is rightfully considered one of the best countries to find a loyal wife and not without reason. Russian girls are quick-witted, laid-back, and benevolent. Combined with heavenly beauty, these qualities create a perfect mix that makes all Western men dream about building relationships with these ladies. 
  10. Nigeria. Some of the best wives in the world come from Nigeria. This country boasts loyal, affectionate, and modest ladies on whom their men can always rely. So, if you’ve always been looking for a woman who professionally handles household duties, knows everything about raising children, and doesn’t forget about spending quality time with you, consider Nigerian brides.

Although these are the best countries to meet a wife, you may search in other areas. Overall, it is pretty challenging to determine the best country for mail order brides since they boast unique ladies and have different traditions. 

best place to find a wife in the world

Where to Find the Best Wife in the World?

If you are still looking where to find a wife, consider searching for countries by women type. Whether you are on the lookout for a sexy Goodness or a compliant and sensible woman, you should know where to look for such ladies.

The sexiest mail order brides

South Korea is included in the top 15 countries to find a wife since it boasts the sexiest women who amaze men from all over the world with their beauty and passion. Also, it is one of the 3rd world countries mail order bride. South Korean women know how to take care of their husbands and spice up their intimate relationships. Though they have rather controversial views on relationships, they are ready to please and impress their husbands. If you are searching for the best foreign brides and are crazy about exotic beauty, consider South Korean ladies.

Best Dating Sites With Sexy Brides In 2024

You can also consider women from the following countries:

  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • Mexico

The calmest mail order brides

Vietnam is one of the best places to find a wife if you look for a calm and optimistic woman. Vietnamese ladies have a positive attitude to international marriage because of their views and values. Once you get married to a woman from Vietnam, she will create a special peaceful atmosphere in your family by embodying it with Asian traditions and elegance. If you are still pondering over the question: “Where can I find a good wife?”, Vietnam will be a nice choice.

Girls with such a personality trait can also be found in the countries below:

  • Poland
  • Belarus
  • The Philippines

The most loyal mail order brides

If you choose between the best countries to find a loyal wife, consider Japan. Being included in the 10 best countries to find a wife list, Japanese women make the hearts of numerous men go pitter-patter thanks to their loyalty and commitment. Aside from being witty and intelligent, Japanese ladies are quite loyal to their partners. They are always ready to find a compromise, regardless of the situation. Many Western men consider Japan the best country to find a wife since these women are well-educated and you won’t have any language barrier. Japanese women are excellent English speakers.

Best Dating Sites With Trusty Women In 2024

Such ladies also live in these locations:

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Dominican Republic

The most feminine mail order brides

Ukraine is the best place to find a wife, especially if you are looking for someone graceful and elegant.  Ukrainian girls are the definition of beauty and womanhood. They engage men with their perfect figures and attractive facial features. They have a sense of style like Hollywood stars. Many Ukrainian ladies speak English fluently and know American and Canadian traditions, so a lot of men consider Ukraine the best country for a foreign wife.

best country to find a wife

If you’re attracted to feminine women, you can find them in the following countries as well:

  • Czech Republic
  • Colombia
  • India

The most passionate mail order brides

If you are looking for the best Latin country to find a wife, consider Argentina. It is a land of passion and excitement. Latin ladies are fantastic lovers and excellent spouses. With savory figures, sun-kissed skin, and pretty smiles, these ladies win the hearts of men worldwide. Furthermore, Argentinian ladies are easy-going and affectionate. You will never get bored with your future wife. Considering these factors, Argentina is one of the best countries to find a wife.

Best Dating Sites With Attractive Girls In 2024

Girls who boast this quality can also be found in the countries below:

  • The Philippines
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Top 3 Mail Order Bride Countries You Might Overlook

Finding a soulmate may seem like a hassle-free process, but only if you know the right destinations. Although these countries may seem underestimated at first glance, they offer a perfect pool for adventurous love-seekers.

  • Dominican Brides. This is probably one of the best order bride countries to find a beautiful, careful but calm and sensitive wife at the same time. Dominican wives amaze men worldwide with their beauty and natural appeal. They possess a perfect combination of features that Western men may seek in a wife.
  • Hungarian Brides. If you strive to get an exotic bride, Hungarian may be the best nationality to marry. Aside from the striking appearance, these ladies boast a flexible character and numerous positive features that may be inherited in a perfect wife. Local women are rather obedient and compromise-friendly, so you will enjoy a peaceful and healthy relationship with a Hungarian girl.
  • Uruguay Brides. If you are seeking an additional dose of affection and passion, it is just the time to get acquainted with beautiful Uruguayan brides. These ladies show a high level of respect for their men and are always ready to give a good piece of advice. Moreover, Uruguayan women are excellent lovers, so you have a chance to experiment.
in what countries can you meet mail order bride

Which Mail Order Bride Countries Have the Most Successful Marriages?

Marriage success depends not only on the country but the level of compatibility between partners. If you like the wild nature and charism of Latin beauties, you will definitely need to focus on this region to search for your future wife. Asian countries also have a high marriage rate. These ladies are ready for any kind of compromise to please their men. The Philippines, Fiji, and Thailand — these are just some countries that boast compromise-friendly, caring, and respectful wives. 

What to Do if I Can’t Decide on the Best Nationality to Marry? 

Choosing the best place to find a wife in the world depends on many factors, but mainly on your preferences. There’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution in this case because each man is looking for specific characteristics in a woman. Yet, you don’t have to worry because this happens to many guys.

The most effective thing you can do in such a situation is to communicate with women from different countries. By doing so, you will understand what traits and appearances attract you the most and find out more about your preferences. In this way, your final choice will be more thought-out.

Also, you can check our articles. We often review the best countries to find a loyal wife, point out the advantages of women from each location, and analyze if they are suitable partners for Western men. 

where to find mail order bride

Besides, the mentioned options are more convenient and cost-effective than traveling to each country.  

Best Nationality to Marry: Men’s Testimonials

Mark, 43

I have been hesitating about whether international marriage is worth it for a long time. Fortunately, I found my soulmate quickly on one of the most reputable online dating sites. Finding a perfect Asian lady has always been my prerogative. These ladies know how to please men. I focused on Vietnamese brides. They are beautiful, smart, and non-demanding. We have been married for 3 years, and I couldn’t imagine the best wife for me. 

Harry, 39

Choosing the best nationality to marry was a matter of concern for me until I came across a Latin mail order bride site. A lady from Mexico made my heart beat faster from the first minute I saw her. Her natural appeal and curvy seductive shapes make me crazy. Although our life is full of passionate moments, we are absolutely compatible and happy.  

Advantages of Marrying a Foreign Bride

There are numerous perks of marrying a top mail order bride. Some of them include:

  • Genome diversity for future children. 
  • You will have fun together during the process of getting known each other.
  • Foreign brides are come caring and understanding compared to your local females. 
  • Ability to explore the world and acquire new knowledge.
  • Once you dive deeply into another culture, you become to understand people better.
  • Ability to live in two countries and have a large international family.
  • You will feel happier once building relationships with your perfect match.
  • You will get absolutely new thrilling emotions that will certainly contribute to your happy family life.
  • Learning new languages and self-development.  

What if I’m attracted to women from several regions? 

If you can’t choose a single destination from the top countries with mail order brides, that’s good news! Yes, we’re not mistaken. Think for yourself: if you communicate with girls from different regions, you have higher chances to meet “the one.” Besides, it will help you better know your preferences and see why certain girls attract you more than others. 

Women on mail order brides sites won’t be upset if you tell them you don’t feel like they match your expectations. Online dating is about finding true love among thousands of seemingly suitable candidates, so you should definitely go for it! 

We will help you make a choice!

Do I Have to Approach Ladies of Different Nationalities in Specific Ways?

the best places meet girl for marriage

Although you don’t have to find a unique approach to each nationality, it would significantly increase your chances if you search for some specificities of women from the countries you prefer. In some destinations, men are expected to do the first step, while in others—it’s okay for women to show their interest. 

Also, some nationalities take things slowly, not rushing things, but you can also find women who don’t like to backpedal, and rapidly developing relationships are just right for them. Besides, dating cultures in, say, Ukraine and Japan are somewhat contrasting, so you better pay attention to these differences to avoid misunderstandings. 

Is There Any Language Barrier with Mail Order Brides?

Even though not all girls in the world speak English perfectly, those ladies who register on the top mail order bride sites have decent English-speaking skills. Foreign brides understand that once they find their soulmate abroad, they will need to speak a different language. That is why these ladies have a great motivation for self-development. You will hardly experience a language barrier once you approach a reputable site that aims to connect people internationally.

Even if your partner isn’t an English language master, there are still effective ways to understand each other. There are different mobile translation apps that will help you to make your communication a breeze. Moreover, the longer you will communicate with your girlfriend, the more she will hone her English-speaking skills.

How to Avoid Scams?

Online dating assumes the risk of becoming a victim of a scammer, even if you use the most outstanding online service. That is why it is always necessary to have online safety tips in your mind. Being armed with this information, you can preserve your safety and have an effective dating experience.

mail order brides - where to find women for marriage
  1. Avoid registering on mail order bride websites with a questionable reputation. They usually have a lot of fake profiles, so you will never know who is on the other side of the screen. Reputable websites include only verified girl’s profiles, so you can make sure you communicate with a real person.
  2. Stop communication with each request related to the money transfer. Even if you think you’ve found your soulmate and you’ve been communicating for a long time, never send money to a person you chat with online. There are multiple ways to compliment your soulmate without sending cash. 
  3. Use built-in communication options on the site. Therefore, you don’t need to reveal your personal data, which may come especially in handy once you meet somebody annoying. Using integrated messaging options is the safest way to interact with your potential wife.  

Which Problems Can You Experience When Building a Connection with Top Foreign Brides?

There are numerous mail order bride countries and each of them boasts its own mentality, traditions, and culture. Sometimes, it is rather challenging to plunge into the world of your partner and adopt completely new values. That is why some couples experience difficulties at the beginning of their relationships. 

From language barriers to the misunderstanding of some traditions—there are still some meaningless obstacles to international marriage. Nevertheless, once you learn your partner and their culture, you will understand them. It is also worth mentioning that you can overcome all problems and issues related to cross-cultural relationships only if there is a place for sincere feelings and love. 

Why Can American Men Meet Women from Any Country?

which country girl is best for marriage

It goes without saying that American guys are the most sought-after grooms in the world. The Western dating & marriage culture engages numerous women. Ladies from multiple countries want an attentive, financially stable, and caring man by their side. Many women consider Western men to possess all the features of a perfect husband. Moreover, who doesn’t want to completely change their lives and move to a well-developed country with numerous opportunities?


What is the best city to find a wife?

If it comes to the best city to find a wife, it is better to pay attention to the large cities rather than small towns. The larger the city, the higher chances to find your soulmate. In case you are looking for the best place to find a wife in the USA, consider small towns since ladies are more family-oriented there.

What is the best country for mail order brides?

If you are searching for the best countries to meet a wife, consider your preferences first. If you are crazy about exotic Asian beauty, Vietnam or China will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, those who prefer Slavic appearance may find Russia the best place to find a wife in the world.

Where can I find a new wife?

If you have no idea where to find a good wife, approach dedicated services. Reputable marriage agencies will help you solve the issue of where to get a wife.

Is a foreign wife a good partner for a Western man?

Once you determine what country has the best wives, you should study its traditions. Thus, you can understand whether the lifestyle and values of your foreign wife will work for you.

Is there a single best country for foreign wife?

There isn’t any single best country for foreign wife. All you need is to determine which kind of woman you like the most and what you expect from your relationships. There are a lot of potential wives from different destinations waiting for someone like you.

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