Barrett Connell

Barrett Connell

Hi, I'm Connell Barrett, the founder of the Dating Transformation and author of the book "Dating Sucks but You Don't." Chances are you've already heard about me and even saw me on "Good Morning America" or "Access Hollywood."

Well, if you haven't, it's nice to meet you! I'm a professional dating coach, just like Will Smith on "Hitch!" I help men boost their confidence and attract the women of their dreams.

How did I get there?

If you struggle to get out of the friend zone, win the heart of a pretty girl, or make your dating profile work, I understand you because I've been there! My previous relationships ended up in hearing something like "You're a good guy but…" I even thought that I'm not handsome enough for these women, which is really frustrating. And I got tired of it. I decided to take action and try to change my romantic life for the best.

What did I do before becoming a dating coach?

I started as a magazine journalist and worked in the area for 17 years. I wrote articles for Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and Esquire. My passion for writing never fade away, so I keep using my skills. As you know, I've published a book, while my blog is a concentration of useful posts for men seeking love.

Where did I study?

I studied at Ball State University and got an M.A. degree in journalism at the University of Missouri.

When I decided to change my path and career, I found the best dating courses and learned from famous coaches. I studied the art of building a relationship with a woman and finally realized that the problem was my mindset that didn't let me be myself with girls. Once I figured out that, my life began to change. So, I started helping other men succeed with their love stories.

My hobbies

Of course, being a dating coach and writing is a pretty nice and interesting activity, but I also have to take a rest somehow. I'm fond of swimming as it's really relaxing.

By the way, I believe that common interests and spending leisure time together help strengthen the connection with a partner or even can become a nice beginning of a love story.


This very new project was born out of the idea to connect men with foreign ladies more effectively. In fact, many guys don't even have an opportunity to meet a dream girl because she's based far away. For example, some of them like Latin, Asian, or Slavic women but can't reach them. That's why they start using international dating sites to find a lady meeting their preferences. Unfortunately, many such services remain unchecked, which often causes problems for male members who are being cheated. is called to help men pick the best dating sites and choose women perfectly matching them. I check and review platforms on my own, and the following details get most of my attention:

  • Profile quality.
  • Audience.
  • Features.
  • Navigation.
  • Prices.
  • Safety.

When it comes to female reviews, I totally rely on my experience of communication with girls from different countries. You see, I traveled a lot and studied different cultures, dating etiquette, family traditions, women's views on a relationship, etc. I visited Sweden, the United Kingdom, Spain, Norway, and many other areas and met a large number of ladies. So, I definitely know how they act in different situations and behave with their partners.

How to get the girl of your dreams?

Be yourself and see how your confidence shows up! Great changes come from your attitude, not the level of being macho.

How does my MailOrderBridesAgency work?

Easy as one-two-three! Just take the following steps:

In fact, there's no more effective way to meet a foreign girlfriend. You only need to register on a reliable dating site with a preferrable female audience and create an attractive profile. By the way, starting a conversation online is less stressful than in real life, so if you're a shy guy, just give it a try!

If you pick virtual dating, you'll meet dozens of beautiful women of any nationality. You can totally rely on my reviews because they're accurate and detailed. You'll find an answer to any question that may appear. A large experience of a dating coach allows me to quickly identify what kind of a family life a western man should expect with ladies of different ethnicities.

The variety of tested dating sites is vast, so everyone will find something appropriate. Reviews contain all the necessary information about the quality a member gets on each platform, and therefore you just need to make the final decision and select the service.

Why should you trust me?

I've had a long path from an average guy who didn't have much success with girls to a professional dating coach. I've taken numerous classes that helped me discover how the chemistry between a man and a woman works. My wife left me in less than 3 months after we got married. So I spent 9 years studying the psychology of a relationship. I've learned:

  • The basis of attraction and love.
  • Relationship formation.
  • Interaction patterns.
  • Managing conflicts.
  • Social context of relationships.
  • The arts and science of relationships.

I visited lectures of the most famous dating gurus and got the certification from the Relationship Coaching Institute. I managed to unlock the code of the romantic attachment and my life started to change. I've already helped thousands of men improve their love lives and find their soulmates.

My publications

I'm the author of the book "Dating Sucks but You Don't," which represents a step-by-step guide for men striving to find their perfect matches. It's a kind of my manifest to authenticity as I believe that being yourself means being confident and successful with ladies.

My book has helped lots of single guys to:

  • Learn to talk to a woman in real life and on dating sites.
  • Use their charisma.
  • Flirt and get girls interested.
  • Be gentlemen and respect ladies.
  • Overcome anxiety and awkwardness.
  • Build healthy and strong relationships.

This book isn't based on those famous "pickup lines" and how-to's that will make a woman fall in love with you at first glance. It's all about self-growth and developing yourself from a guy who's been stuck in his doubts into a confident man with a special attitude towards women.

My articles appeared on Fupping, DatingAdvice, and I also gave expert advice for Oprah Daily, Best Life, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy. It's a great pleasure for me to realize that I can help single men change their love lives for the best.


Why is a mail order bride what you need?

There are multiple reasons to find a foreign wife online. But the most important one is that you can make your dream of getting a perfect woman come true, and I'll help you!

So, why wait any longer? Sign up and give online dating a try!

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